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  3. Aerinqq

    UE Triple Fi 10 vs pro version? run/alternatives

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the difference between Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 and Triple Fi pro version? I can get the normal version for 200 USD (beeing refered as noise isolating version on ebay) but the pro version seems to be around 400 the difference rly that big? Or am I...
  4. jailhouselounge

    Need earphones upgrade advice

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade from my old audeo 022 with grey filters. I'm currently looking into vsonic gr07 mkII, gr01, v1001, fischer dba 02, or tdk ba200. I'm looking for something balanced to analytical, not too warm within the price frame of those earphones mentioned. Which would you...
  5. channend

    which headphones are best for me?

    soo i need a good all rounder. i like my bass, but not soo much thats its over powering. i listen to club/dance music and todays modern pop music. i like them to be comfortable and keep sound out and dont want them leaking soo much. i want headphone that are good overall sound quality, my price...
  6. barca13

    headphones with sound similar to Fisher Audio dba 02

    I am thinking of buying a pair of headphones and from what i have read i am between the sennheiser hd 600 and the Beyerdynamic dt880 (250 Ω). I currently have the fa dba 02 and i am really pleased with them, so i would like a similar sound. Is the sound of these headphones similar to the dba's...
  7. danquoc

    Best IEM?

    I have the Shure SE215 and I'm sick of them breaking down on me. Are the high end versions better? (315, 425), in terms of the quality of sound, and in terms of not breaking. Are there any other IEM's that are better than the SE215 in terms of sound quality that hover around 200 dollars?
  8. MagellanR14

    Looking for a new IEM in the $75 to $300+ price range

    I am a hiphop head but listen to all kinds of music (metal, rock, dubstep, etc.). I dont want a bleeding base but I want it to be fun... I also love nice highs so I can hear the singing in songs nicely. Additionally, isolation is fairly important to me. I don't really know what to look at, so...
  9. Baroninkjet

    Klipsch S4 >> HiFiMan RE0 >> what next?

    I wonder if anyone might have some advice for me as to what IEMs to consider next. Recent History:   Klipsch S4 -- I liked them OK except for the sibilance which drove me absolutely bonkers.   RE0 -- I really like these a lot, love the clean precise highs. I have to jack up the bass a...
  10. spitfirezip100

    Recommendations for IEM, similar to ATH-CK10 but not as bright

    Hey everyone, I've been on the hunt for a new pair of IEM's since I lost my ck10's that I bought from a member here years ago.   - Favorite IEM's: ATH-CK10 - - Source: smart phone (Galaxy s4), but open to considering something like Fiio x series - - Music: EDM, Dubstep, classic rock...
  11. MRiNiCK

    Need some suggestion on headphones

    So i came from a good share of earphones and could never get a good fit, such as the v-moda vibe, TF10, Fischer DBA-02, RE-0,GR07, and now using 1964 T CIEM which i love the sound but with 3 refits from InEarz the fitting would never be GREAT. It was just Ok but i dealt with it for 1 and a half...
  12. p a t r i c k

    How many do you need?

    As well as listening to music with headphones another pastime I have is cycling. I will mention that I never do these at the same time. A cycling friend of mine told me that he thought you need at least 7 bicycles. You need one for commuting, one for touring, one folding one for holidays etc...
  13. stuartfang

    iRiver Blank AE-7 Balanced Armature Smartphone IEMs Review

    Possibly the best single driver balanced armature IEM on the market around $50 USD for smartphones.   Meta: The iRiver specific line of headphones produced to be a premium upgrade option to the stock earbuds for South Koreans consumers may prove to be more than capable of its targeted...
  14. HungryHippo

    Hey guys, so a week ago I ordered the dba-02's from and I still havnt received the phones nor have I received any information regarding the status of the delivery.. Is this website legit or should I cancel my order? Thanks
  15. roughington

    astrotec ax7 vs other stuff around 150 USD

    I was wondering if anyone has given these a go because there is pretty much only one english review on them and it's mostly positive but it uses the same drivers as the fischer dba 02, and other TWFK if I read it correctly. So I am wondering how they stack up against he competition as I have...
  16. bevaspen

    Fischer Audio DBA-02 left/right imbalance. Filter problems?

    Hi there. I have a pair of DBA-02 mark 1 that have developed a problem. The right channel is significantly quieter than the left. I took off the rubber caps and tried to carefully clean them. There was a bunch of wax in the right hand plastic tube. The problem persists so i was wondering can you...
  17. slfln

    Maxell HP-CN40 review: the lost gem

    First of all sorry about my english, it’s not my native language, but i felt that i must share this with you.   I found a lost gem amongst cheap iems: the Maxell HP-CN40 (aka. Drumsoundz)   About me: I’m an audio enthusiast, and active member of a hungarian tech forum. I wrote...
  18. shotgunshane

    Universals Modded with Recable or Removable Cables! ***Sony MH1 Recable added! (Fischer Audio DBA-02, Brainwavz B2, UM3X, Sleek Audio)

    Recently I made a trade and acquired an older set of Fischer Audio DBA-02's.  It still had it's original twisted cable, which had become unruly and obstinately stiff (a previous owner had re-terminated it with a straight Neutrik connector) but was still in good working condition.  Due to the...
  19. TekeRugburn

    Fischer DBA-02, Vsonic GR06

    Fischer DBA-02 - reterminated with a neutrik right angle, some lettering is fading. will just come with ETY triple flanges---------------------80   Vsonic GR06 - comes with original packaging and accessories.  atleast all the ones i can find which should be most if not all. ----------45  ...
  20. TekeRugburn

    Fischer DBA-02

    Fischer DBA-02. It's been re terminated with a right angle neutrik. Comes with etymotic triple flange. Some lettering has faded but is completely functional.
  21. FearSC549

    Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKI (Original)

    Comes with everything you see and also 3 sets of eartips.   In excellent condition, I just don't use IEMs anymore. I'm the original owner.    Located in San Gabriel, CA if you want to pick up locally.    Send me an offer, I don't know the market price for these anymore.    I will...
  22. swmkdr

    Fischer Audio DBA-02 for FiiO E07k/E17 or Similar

    I bought these earphones a couple of weeks ago from the head-fi user 'denis'. They're in great condition with original box, tips and case - everything except the ear guides which I lost. The only real sign of wear is that the Fischer Audio logo on the housings are slightly worn. I'm not looking...
  23. BoyChewingGum

    FS: Fischer Audio DBA-02 (mk2) NEW with Warranty to March 2014 ***NEW PRICE***

    ***Relisted due to buyer changing her mind (before item was shipped)***   Hello   These are a replacement-under-warranty pair that I received in March after my original pair broke. Bought from topdogheadphones   They are completely new; with all accessories, all tips etc. unused. I have...
  24. Zaber123

    Fischer Audio DBA-02 Tips

    Hello all,   Does anyone know where these can be purchased? I did some searching in this thread and in the classifieds, also on Fischer's website with no luck. I'd like to try these tips out with my TDK BA200s but can't find a place to buy them except for an Indian Ebay seller who only ships...
  25. mikaveli06

    fischer dba-02 (original version)

    Used dba-02, 2nd owner. I only got these in a trade to try a different sound, but while these are fabulous atwhat they do (transperancy and details), just not enough energy for me, as most of my time is in the gym. Would rather trade, but will accept paypal also. Some items im interested in are...