Need some suggestion on headphones
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Dec 13, 2010
So i came from a good share of earphones and could never get a good fit, such as the v-moda vibe, TF10, Fischer DBA-02, RE-0,GR07, and now using 1964 T CIEM which i love the sound but with 3 refits from InEarz the fitting would never be GREAT. It was just Ok but i dealt with it for 1 and a half year

Over the head headphones i used for commute were Audiotechnica m50, AiAi TMA,HD25, Occasionally used my Ultrasone PRO 900 but its too bulky for outside use.
Soooo Here I am now asking for some advice as you may know by looking at my headphone choices is that i like something neutral sounding, with good clarity but still maintains the bass
this week my 1964 T right shell cracked since i dropped it, now the drivers are still in tact but i was wondering if i should reshell them again or sell it and get something like the V-Moda M100, or Momentum.? I saw here on the forum someone selling their UM Mage for 300$ should I look into that.?
Any other headphones/earphones would be greatly appreciated, i'll be using them to commute to work, and going to the gym
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Bump... I got the Momentum for portable use but now I'm looking a gym pair IEM max budget of 150$..
want to try something new and different sound wise.. thanks

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