1. takm

    Sennheiser HD-25 soft pleather replacement. Is there any?

    I just bought the Sennheiser HD-25 basic, and i don't like much how the pleather on the pads feel on touch. I wonder if there is any of replacement pad that uses the same kind of soft pleather we see on the Creative Aurvana Live (i own one and it is much more confortable). I know there are the...
  2. Jayvee

    Help me buy my first HQ Headphones.

    Firstly, I'm not looking for donations, just advice.   - Budget of $200. - Closed back are preferable for what I'd be using them for. - This is my first venture into a decent pair of cans.   I've obviously heard about the ATH-M50s due to the rave and have considered those as a...

    sennheiser hd25 drivers to Beats solo/studio/pro body ...

    Can I take a HD25 drivers and put them into Beats solo/studio/pro body to get good sound quality and maximum style.   thx.
  4. Wyatt Barger

    Which should i buy? (Please help me)

    I am currently stuck on what headphones to buy. The two i am looking at are the Vmoda crossfade m80 and the Sennheiser hd 25 1-ii. I listen to all genres of music and these headphones will be for portable use. I have a fiio e7 so portable amping isnt a problem. I reallly need to know which of...
  5. Gofre

    Full sized headphones á la HD25?

    Hi guys,   So yeah, it's almost the new year. And with the new year comes a new job, and with a new job comes money to be spent on headphones!   Essentially what I'm looking for are a pair of full sized headphones for home use, so open or closed back is fine. In terms of sound signature...
  6. GMnetherlands

    the best of the best

    hello everyone,   i lost my sennheiser IE 4 earphones. so now i'm looking for new ones. But i want something else now, i'm looking for ''the best of the best''. i love a heavy bass and just hearing nothing else then my own music in class, in traffic, at home, while walking the dog etc...
  7. B M Tarr

    I want to buy headphones specifically for a single song.

    Greetings Head Fi,   The title, while maybe humorous, is not a joke. I really do want to buy headphones that work best for one song, and that song is To Glory by Two Steps From Hell.   I will describe the song as "epic classical" in that it has booming drums and powerful, driving strings...
  8. LostMySelf

    Comfortable headphones for outdoor use

    I am outside 2-3 hours every night when working and I have decided to get a pair of full-size headphones even tho I just got VSONIC GR07. I have 2 hoodies on me with the hoods on the head so I will use the headphones "on" them.   I usually just have one headphone on the ear and the other one...
  9. Bossatiger

    Soundstage in IEMs?

    A simple question that has me somewhat puzzled. I somewhat understand how soundstage works in headphones. Big factors include the angle and distance between the driver and the ear can make the headphone sound intimate (hd25) or immersive and deep (hd800). But when this distance/angle factor is...
  10. Viro17

    Finding the perfect IEM

    Hey everybody, I own the Sennheiser HD 25 and V-Moda m 100 and I absolutely love them, but recently I've been looking into IEM's. I Primarily listen to electronic music such as Progressive House, Trance, and Deep House although i would by no means classify myself as a basshead, but i do...
  11. SingleDriver

    Looking for a good HD25 replacement, or companion

    Hi everyone ! I'm currently the happy owner of a Sennheiser HD25-1 II, an old one but in very good conditions, i'm overly satisfied with them and could go for another 10 years with them, however I'm considering the purchase of a new set of high end SEALED, and if possible over ear portable...
  12. lilcrunk

    Problems on HD-25 AMPERIOR

    I just brought my new amperior from amazon, about 220$, and I have some problems on why it has such poor design.... SEE THE PHOTOS AND HERE ARE SOME ISSUES THAT I HAVE:
  13. jguido85

    Best On Ear headphones for rock, metal and other rock genres.

    So, I'm driving myself crazy on trying to pick out headphones and the biggest problem is most of them are only online and I can't try them, So I'm counting on you! I listen to a lot of heavy music in the rock genre, but I also don't mind a little dubstep for fun and some older classic hip hop...
  14. justhandguns

    Making a choice between the 3, Sennheiser HD-25, Beyer COP or DT770 32ohm Ann.Ed.

    I am in the process of buying a full size headphone. I have been reading loads of reviews and I am now down to the three choices. 1. Sennheiser HD-25-1 II 2. Beyerdynamic Custom Pro one 3. Beyerdynamic DT770 32ohm Anniversary Edition   I am not a bass head but I do like my music to be...
  15. mjscall

    HD 25 spare parts?

    I've had a look and I can only see the earcups available with with the driver in   is there anywhere i can just get the plastic part or is the design all one piece?
  16. SkyBleu

    Good On-Ear Headphones at $100 (or under)

    Hello all,   I have a friend who is after a pair of headphones at around the cost of $100 (preferably $100 or under AUD). He is new to the audio scene, and I have had a mental blank of what he could get that's worthy around that price range.    He had considered SOL Republic/Beats line...
  17. mystvearn

    Are there headphones that allow in ambient noise? (for office use)

    I work in an office, but I want to listen to music, without disturbing people. I also need to be able to know when someone is knocking at the door. So far the only method I found is using cheap Sony MDR earbuds/earphones which came with my mp3 player (or was it cassette walkman). I tried my Sony...
  18. grapefruit

    Balance issues driving me insane

    Everything I've been hearing for the past 3 months has been biased towards the right side.  I'd say the "center" of my music is at my one o clock, and this is with all my in ear headphones, but not my denon d7000s nor my hd25's.  Does anyone else have a problem like this?   Its currently...
  19. MRiNiCK

    Need some suggestion on headphones

    So i came from a good share of earphones and could never get a good fit, such as the v-moda vibe, TF10, Fischer DBA-02, RE-0,GR07, and now using 1964 T CIEM which i love the sound but with 3 refits from InEarz the fitting would never be GREAT. It was just Ok but i dealt with it for 1 and a half...
  20. track28

    how much money it will cost a high end headphoens

    i already have HD25  i want to expand my headphoens and i'm short on money  so i want to know how much it will cost a high end headphoens such as HD600 OR HD650 or HIFI or ULTRASTONE with a good amp or DAC what ever i need for them i want the headphoens that cost not a lot of money like...
  21. somunames

    SteelSeries Siberia V2

    Hello, I am new here so I don't know if this is the right place to ask, and I couldn't find answer to this,  I want to buy SteelSeries Siberia V2 because I heard they are comfortable and the sound is good for music and other stuff, the problem is, I saw on eBay a version that comes without...
  22. Sargatanas

    J$ pads?

    im returning my hd25's and replacing them with some ultrasone pro900's. from what ive read the pro900's mids are recessed and can greatly improve with an earpad replacement. a portable amp will be in the mix to. if J$ pads is out of business are there any other companies that make earpad...
  23. thejangster1

    Amperior, Momentum, HD25, or Vmoda M100

    i have been look for new headphones for while. I picked these four because they appear to provide good sound while remaining portable. Looking for something that will be comfortable to bring around and walk around to class but also just put into my backpack. I have pretty small ears, so not sure...
  24. LastDayz

    Is there any point to buying expensive headphones if you listen to MP3s

    I heard that there's no point because expensive headphones would just expose all the flaws in your MP3s because it's not the best or clearest file format.   Should I stick to cheap headphones like these?
  25. magicalmouse

    closed headphone with absolutley no leakage at high volumes

    Hi, i need some advice, i have posted on the full-sized forum but had no replies) - i need closed headphone with absolutely no leakage at high volumes & high SQ - do these exist?   I own hd25 and shure srh840 and these do both leak slightly at higher volumes, are there any better alternatives...