Looking for a good HD25 replacement, or companion
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May 24, 2013
Hi everyone !

I'm currently the happy owner of a Sennheiser HD25-1 II, an old one but in very good conditions, i'm overly satisfied with them and could go for another 10 years with them, however I'm considering the purchase of a new set of high end SEALED, and if possible over ear portable headphones. I have an up to $400, or €400 budget for them.

I mainly listen to soundtracks, jazz, pop (often guitar / voice based), classical music. I like the balanced sound of my HD25, but they seem to be lacking a bit of soundstage, and middles a bit laid back maybe.

I'm considering the following products :

- Sennheiser Amperior : they seem to be a good choice to replace my aging HD25, and I found them at quite a reasonable price ($200). They look even sturdier than my current HD25.. Just wondering if it really was a good upgrade. I didn't compare the HD25 and the Amperior side to side but I believe Amperior was a bit warmer and detailed.

- Bowers & Wilkins P5 : I love the design, the comfort, and the sound was pretty appealing to my ears. But I'm scared about sound leaks, I hate when people around are able to hear what I'm listening to, and the P5 seems to be leaking a lot compared to the others.

- Beyerdynamic T50 : I read they were serious HD25 competitors, so I tried them. I wasn't quite impressed though, they sounded a bit muffled compared to the 2 others... Maybe I need a second listening session ? Good build quality though !

Momentum is too big for me, and Grado products are semi open, too bad they sound excellent. I also tried Bose products and although they have improved with the recent AE2 I still find the mids and highs very muffled and laid back. The bass are more refined than they used to be with previous Bose products and that was nice. I'm not considering buying them though.

Your thoughts ? Thanks in advance !
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Jan 9, 2006
Guy at work has a p3 and never heard any sound leaks, heard the p3 and p5 and liked the p5- engaging.
P3 sucked so feel sorry for him :D

V-moda m-80 or m-100 also worth a trial

Havent heard the latter, but my m-80s came today and so far very impressed. My MDR-1R should come tomorrow or Monday so will be comparing them in a review in a few days :)

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