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I want to buy headphones specifically for a single song.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by b m tarr, Jan 31, 2013.
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  1. B M Tarr
    Greetings Head Fi,
    The title, while maybe humorous, is not a joke. I really do want to buy headphones that work best for one song, and that song is To Glory by Two Steps From Hell.
    I will describe the song as "epic classical" in that it has booming drums and powerful, driving strings and accompaniment that traverses the frequency spectrum from the deepest lows to the highest highs.
    It even has an element of synth bass.... 
    This track really has everything that I want in music.
    But in order to hear it fully, with great separation and articulation, I am not sure what kind of cans I'd need.
    My considerations thus far have been:
    Sennheiser HD650/700/800
    HiFiMan HE-400/HE-500
    I already own:
    Sennheiser HD25
    Beats (lol)
    Beats Pro (more lol)
    Westone 3 IEMs (looking for open-back for this purposes though...)
    Budget: ~1000 but willing to consider more if the sound quality is improved significantly.
    Thank you so much,
  2. Grevlin
    I'm not really trying to be sarcastic but...
    how do you know what you think it's suppose to sound like?
    A different way: How do you know it can get better then how you've already heard it? - Did you maybe see it performed in person?
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  3. B M Tarr
    Great question! Actually I bought my brother some HD-650s and listened to some music on those and was pretty much blown away compared to the Beats Pro. So I know there's better choices out there.
  4. Grevlin
    Got ya - makes sense.
    So the 650's are definitely on your list.
    I'll say its not really a crazy goal. If you get a rig that plays that one song really really well (to your ears) - most likely everything else you pump through it will me much improved as well. (again - to your ears)
  5. B M Tarr
    Great --- but --- what might be better for tackling such a complex arrangement than the 650s? I see a lot of bad press on the 700s, example: the frequency response graphs seem to indicate a treble spike but if you look closely those "spikes" actually don't bring the treble above the mids, so I dunno why people call them spikes? Seems more like parts of the treble are actually depressed, not spiked??!
  6. SoundFreaq
    I think you'd get a lot of mileage out of the HE-400. I haven't heard it, but have read extensively, studied if you will, those headphones. I've heard the HE-500 and HE-6. 
    HE-400 will be a more solid bass response, you'll get those planar lush mids, and sparkling highs. 
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  7. Grevlin
    I'm really a newb to all this so I'm just as curious to you.
    My experience in other subjects would say that maybe you are looking for something like monitor headphones - flat - so you can hear exactly what was recorded in the first place.
    My goal in setting up my first pieces of equipment is similar - I'm looking for gear that presents the music untouched and unaltered.
  8. B M Tarr
    Thank you, that's what I have been finding. I would say I have also studied those headphones and been on the verge of getting them a couple times.
    I would likely pair them with a Dragonfly at first to see if that meets my needs.
    But something is keeping me from buying them. The HE-500 and HD700/800, while more expensive, are arguably better sounding? Or no?
  9. SoundFreaq
    they are arguably more refined, yes. It's more about the sound signature you want
    HE-400 = most solid bass response, nice planar mids
    HE-500 = More refined and brighter, needs a good source, still great bass if coming from a good source
    HD 700 = No idea
    HD 800 = Most massive soundstage, neutral and detailed. 
    Personally I liked the HE-500 over the HD800, but many people dont agree with that. HD800 is a soundstage monster. 
  10. beaver316
    Not really in a position to answer your question seeing as I haven't listened to most of those headphones, but I happen to have that song in my collection in high quality, and it sound fantastic with my HE-400. Great instrument separation and soundstage is pretty good. Bass is really well textured too. Imo planars are what you should be after because of the thick and fast sound which suit that type of music better. The HD650 isn't a particularly fast headphone so not sure how it would fare with that song.
    Since you have 1 grand to burn maybe the HE-400/HE-500 would fit you plus a decent amp.
  11. B M Tarr
    Thanks --- and glad to hear someone else has the song AND the HE-400! 
    What are you driving them with, btw?
  12. SoundFreaq
    I'll also add that the HD800 really needs some weight behind it to make it shine. 
  13. TwoEars
    I would say HD800.
    They are pretty epic with classical - separation and soundstage is still best in class.
    And they can be picked up for a decent price second hand these days.
  14. B M Tarr
    I'm not afraid to give them quality amplification, so I'd like to keep them in consideration if they possibly would sound better than the HE-400 for this music.
  15. Baxide
    You won't achieve that point of interest to you unless you throw a matching headphone amp into the equation. 
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