1. Suigeneris

    HIFIMAN HE-500 Ergonomic Mod

    Been a while since I've been on this site, just wanted to share a mod I came up with for my favorite headphones, the HE-500. Long story short, the fragile headband fell apart after a couple years of use. I looked at the new line of HIFIMAN headphones and took the opportunity to do this...
  2. ScoHo

    HiFiMan HE-500/Objective 2 Combo?

    I'm looking to upgrade my headphones and currently leaning toward a HiFiMan HE-500/JDS Labs Objective2 combination (or possibly Sennheiser HD650).  Any opinions on this combo?  My source would be an iPod Classic (5th gen) or possibly a PC or tablet.   I see that when ordering an Objective2...

    Best AMP+DAC+CANS FOR $1000 < ?

    What would be the best I could do? Max I want to spend is 1k.
  4. hun009

    Just bought a cheap logitech transporter se, need recommend of amp and headphone...

    Just bought transporter se for $730 after tax. But suddenly found that it don't have earphone output...Could anyone suggest some combinations of headphone and amp(with two earphone output better)? I like rock and new age music. For the headphones, I'm thinking of HD600/650, HE-500, mdr-z1000 or...
  5. Duper

    Loudspeakers or Headphones ?!

    Hello, guys headphones or speakers are better for 2000$ max. ? 
  6. kawaivpc1

    HE-400i vs HE-500??

    Which unit sounds better to you guys?   It seems like HE-400i is a lighter and more comfortable unit. HE-500 has more positive reviews on its sound quality. Now, both unit costs the same. HE-500 is 499 dollars as used or open box and HE-400i retails for the same price.   Any ideas?
  7. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  8. Synchronised

    Need advice.

    Hello guys, I have Audeze LCD3, Burson Audio HA-160D and Weston 4R's. I am thinking of selling the LCD3's and replace them with a cheaper headphone that pairs well with the Burson Audio HA-160D. I bought the LCD3 for $2000 so how much can I sell it for? It's almost brand new, I bought it...
  9. therock003

    5.1/7.1 Headphones for 100-150 Eur?

    I know that everybody says they're no much for a surround setup but nonetheless i'm looking for 5.1+ headphones for use in movies and PC/PS3 gaming. I was looking at reviews for such headset for PC but most products werent appealing or provided satisfactory reviewes, plus i dont want the...
  10. Tony1110

    Headphones Needed To Fit System

    Hi people. I'm using a Pure I-20 dock and iPod 160GB to feed a Schiit Bifrost DAC and Asgard amp. My headphones are the Grado SR325is. It sounds pretty amazing but never happy I've decided to upgrade my headphones. My budget is £700. What do you guys suggest?
  11. megh55555

    Hunting for a good Hifi Amp with a great sounding headphones out socket ??

    Hi   Recently bought Hifiman HE-400 headphones and they are a joy to listen to. I play all my music from the laptop drive connected to a decent dac  via async usb [v-dac+ v-psu]  which is fed to Cambridge Audio 650A Amp   I have noticed that the fullness and quality I get from my...
  12. Synthax

    Headphones similar to Rehdeko speakers

    Dear music Fans, it is my great pleasure to join to your community. Actually I'm an owner of rehdeko speakers, Crimson pre (which suits also as a headphone amp) and a modified player CD104 by philips. Due to my family situation I started to use headphones, and now I'm looking for smth that could...
  13. seqasim

    Do you guys feel COMPELLED to listen to music since you bought nice headphones?

    Hi all,   I've spent a lot of money on headphones (at least relative to income). I somehow feel like this compels me to use them everyday. Does this happen to you? How many hours a day do you end up listening to music?
  14. snip3r77

    Recommend me a headphone ( system )

    Went to my friend's house and was able to sample quite a bit of his collection, about 10 of these.   But these are the 2 that really came out tops which are powered by a tube amp optimized for 32ohm and he was using the Dragonfly DAC.   Tried the Alessandro MS-1 ( Modded ). Fell in love...
  15. audionoobie123

    Total headphone rookie here! How do I choose a headphone/amp combo?

    Hi there,   I'm looking to buy a nice pair of headphones. Most I'll be listening to stuff on my laptop at home but I'd like to get a pair that I wouldn't feel ridiculous bringing to a coffee shop.   My budget is around $600-1000 total. From what I read it seems like a lot of...
  16. Da5Id

    Very high pitched intermittent distortion

    I apologize if this isn't the best forum to post my question, but I couldn't find a more appropriate place.    Today I received a new pair of LCD-3's purchased online directly from Audeze. I am using a Schitt Lyr/BiFrost combo which is only a couple of weeks old to drive them. I have used...
  17. Poetic

    I have $2,000 to burn right now, Headphones i was looking at the Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla, Grado Ps1000

    All my headphones will be drove from the source Ibasso dx100. Thought of the He-6 but i don't feel like going through the whole speaker amp process. I love the dynamic sound of headphones, I currently own the LCD Audeze rev2, He-500, and He-400. I know The Ps1000 are suppose to be excellent as i...
  18. B M Tarr

    I want to buy headphones specifically for a single song.

    Greetings Head Fi,   The title, while maybe humorous, is not a joke. I really do want to buy headphones that work best for one song, and that song is To Glory by Two Steps From Hell.   I will describe the song as "epic classical" in that it has booming drums and powerful, driving strings...
  19. kiikasi

    Eerily amazing-sounding DT 770 PRO 250 ohm (Must read)

    Now. This is all going to sound a bit crazy, so bear with me, alright? I just yesterday picked up a pair of DT 770 PROs. These are in fact my second pair of them as I had returned them well in the past. They are a very "fun" sounding headphone with great bass, but a kind of "closed" or "cupped"...
  20. crisancosmin19

    I have $500 for headphones, but I am also VERY confused about now!

    Hi! First of all, I want to thank you guys very very much for all the wealth of information you so selflessly provide here. I would be lost completely if it weren't for you.   Now, I have a pair of Bose QC 15, or at least had, until wife got them on her side of the desk. So, I need new...
  21. davidsh

    Which ultrasone to choose?

    Long story short, I need a headphone from ultrasone. I don't want recommendations on other headphones.    At the moment I am enjoying my HE-500, and I consider the sound close to perfection/with no major flaws. I listen to a lot of genres. I like metal, rock, jazz, acoustic, and any genre...
  22. Avi

    Considering an HE-500 - will I need an amp upgrade? (I hope not!)

    I'm seriously considering purchasing an HE-500. I currently have a Meier Corda Stepdance for work use and a Corda Jazz for home use. I've been reading older threads, and, unfortunately, I could not find discussions about those particular pairings. My hunch from my research is that I should be OK...
  23. hiyu64

    Headphone Manufacturers that give the worst Diminishing Returns as you go down their product line

    Here's some background on me/Story time!:    It was during the summer of my senior year of high school when I decide I needed a new pair of headphones for college since I'm a big boy now.  I browsed the web looking for headphones and at first I was going to buy an Ath-ES7 black.  It had...
  24. Audioscope

    In search of even better sound

    I have a set of Beyer DT990 250ohm cans and recently bought a set of MDR-1RNC also.  With both headphones, I am listening to them through a MisterX M^3 amp with sigma6 power supply.  The sound is very detailed, and not too digital at all.  I like it, especially with my DT990.  The source is a...
  25. Dgiant

    Step above mid fi

    Hi, I have finally gotten the funds to upgrade from my Denon D5000s. My budget is 2000 dollars for both amp/DAC and headphones. I would like a can that does the denons better. Better bass(quality not thump), better mid range and better imaging. I'm using a fiio e9+schiit modi combo.