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I have $2,000 to burn right now, Headphones i was looking at the Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla, Grado Ps1000

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by poetic, Jan 23, 2013.
  1. Poetic
    All my headphones will be drove from the source Ibasso dx100. Thought of the He-6 but i don't feel like going through the whole speaker amp process. I love the dynamic sound of headphones, I currently own the LCD Audeze rev2, He-500, and He-400. I know The Ps1000 are suppose to be excellent as i only listen to Smooth Jazz, and RnB Soul
  2. Douger333
    I own HE-500's, PS500's, RS1i's, Denon 7000's, and just ordered PS1000's! Good luck on your decision.
  3. Poetic
    haha good luck man, let me know if they are well worth the price. it's either the ps1000 or Beyer for me
  4. MalVeauX
    With that budget, why not look into something a little more exotic. Electrostats or for a dynamic, maybe look into a Fostex TH900.
    Very best,
    I would suggest W3000ANVs. Beautiful headphones, beautiful euphonic sound, only 2000 produced.. get one while they're still available :wink:
  6. Douger333

    I will have mine in about ten days and then I will let you know my first impressions. I will not really trust my appraisal until they run in for
    60-100 hours,  but the reviews I have read tell me I need them...
  7. Douger333
     I just got my 1K's an hour ago, and I thought it would take a while until I could give a fair opinion. The couple of times I had heard 1K's they didn't seem all that special... at CanJam and our local head-fi meet. I really was convinced that I would be happy with only the 500's. However, I have enough head-fi exposure and viral symptoms, so I never stopped reading reviews and opinions. Finally I bit the bullet! The 500's are wonderful as you know. If a person with reasonable needs and a lack or control of audiophile compulsions has 500's they can be justifiably proud and happy that they are enjoying superb performance at a good price... The 1000's feature a much larger space around my ears that allows more depth and detail... When I say more I don't mean a little more, I mean I never imagined it was possible to make that happen... The detail seems almost microscopic without being at all exaggerated or contrived- just there in perfect balance. I prefer these to STAX SR-009, Audeze LCD-3, or HiFiMan HE-6. Are they worth the price? In my downright cheapskate opinion, yes. I am grateful to have them! If they break in further I will let you know, if my heart survives that... 
  8. the fool
    Get the grado ps1000, since you have those orthodynamic already.
  9. scott5526
    I would also suggest the Audio Technica w3000anv.  With 2000$ you can still get one new while they're around and they offer something new to your collection.  Looks like you already have fun headphones and detailed headphones so some seducing headphone would definitely be something new if thats what you're after.  Jazz sounds pretty good on them too.
    The T1 is recommended because it offers more friendly design to use as portable headphone and it's lightweight but sound amazing with almost all genres music, Grado is more for desktop home use and it need powerful setup to sound it best.
  11. stacker45
    After almost a year, my PS1000 still amaze me everytime i put them on.
  12. Mattimis
    looks like you enjoy senn's, why not get a pair of 800's
  13. KCxSmacker
    +1 I would love to have 2k to blow on some headphones. If I did I would go for the TH900s in an instant with no 2nd thought. 

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