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    Audio Technica W3000ANV
  2. audiophile6500

    High-End Headphones That Bring out the percussion in music.

    Hey guys, I've purchased a W3000ANV, and I'm going to be getting my other "dream" pair of headphones. I play the violin, cello, and percussion. So here's how I would like it to be: 1. A tight, punchy bass response; not too little, not too much 2. Thick, warm mids with a "fun" sound to them...
  3. billbro

    Purchasing ATH-3000ANV

    Hi head-fiers,   I am just about to pick up a pair of new Audio Technica ATH-3000ANV, I know there is an appreciation thread, but I thought I would throw this out there.   So, as you are all probably aware head-fi is bad for the wallet - after coming back to do some light browsing I...
  4. Poetic

    I have $2,000 to burn right now, Headphones i was looking at the Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla, Grado Ps1000

    All my headphones will be drove from the source Ibasso dx100. Thought of the He-6 but i don't feel like going through the whole speaker amp process. I love the dynamic sound of headphones, I currently own the LCD Audeze rev2, He-500, and He-400. I know The Ps1000 are suppose to be excellent as i...
  5. scolaiw

    OFFICIAL Headphone Aesthetics Thread - The gorgeous and the hideously ugly!

    Whether we like it or not, the aesthetics of our headphones can sometimes be a critical part in our choice in headphones. The extreme popularity of Beats headphones can at least in part be attributed to their particular looks. Since what you wear speaks a lot about you, the looks of your...
  6. jdg0717

    Which High-end Cans Have the Crappiest stock cables?

    Just got a new HD700 and I wanna get some new custom cables.  Is the cable used with the HD700 crappy or is it of decent quality?  The cable on the ATH W3000 and HD800 are pretty nice and so I thought maybe Audeze is only one of the few that provides crappy cables  What are the high-end cans...
  7. audiophonicshz

    Audiotechnica ATH-w3000 Aniversary or the w5000? Availability?

    I'm trying out closed cans now after a long time enjoying my trusty hd800's.  I've heard the m50Xs at my local store and I like the audiotechnica house sound.  I've come across two that I really want to buy, the w3000 anv and the w5000.  So my question is what are the differences (if any)...
  8. czqdtc

    rediscover my portable gears after owning (have owned) most flagships.

    So, here we go: Source: hm901 with balanced amp card in SE mode except for re600. Findings: 1. 901 is a good dap :) 2. W4 is still my favorite, especially under this set up. Followed by 334 and k3003 then prolly ie800 (universals) 3. W4 is most custom like with enveloping sound stage, others are...
  9. 3X0

    Hardest downsizing decisions you've made

    Three years ago I chose between my HD 650 and Grado HF-2 and that was pretty difficult. I regretted selling the HD 650s, but it had to be done. Today I sit here listening to my D7000s and W3000ANVs and ponder sadly that one of them might have to go. What is the hardest decision you've had to...
  10. Axel

    Top-of-the-line headphones vs (C)IEMs

    Hi fellow head-fiers, Since I remember myself in this hobby (which goes back almost 2 decades) I always listened through 'standard' headphones (dynamic/planar/electrostatic/closed-back/open-back etc.). Recently I've noticed the IEMs market is growing (obviously due to the availability of...
  11. LogicalDisconnect

    Cheaper headphones that do what high-end headphones don't

    Hi everyone. I've had a variety of fairly high-end headphones, including the Beyerdynamic T1, AT W3000ANV, Alessandro MS-Pro, HifiMan HE500, AKG K701 and Unique Melody Miracle. All of them have good points. Some have great detail, others great energy and dynamic response, others in theory a very...
  12. scott5526

    Svetlana 3

    I was hoping somebody could provide me some comparisons of the svetlana 3 compared to the svetlana 2.  I was considering picking up a svetlana 2 for my audio technica w3000anv and I noticed the svetlana 3 for $400USD cheaper, but I haven't heard anything about it. I looked around but couldn't...
  13. Makiah S

    Any News from Audio Technica These days?

    I mean Sony's launching there new TOTL, Hifiman just released yet another High End Can, and the Alpha Dogs been out for some time now too, that and Even Seenhesier has rumors floating around   any on heard anything positive from Audio Technica about a new TOTL   yea there's the what W3000...
  14. kiikasi

    Which headphones look the most expensive to you (Regardless of price)?

    We've all been there: "Those were $500? They look like they were 50 dollars". Some headphones perform really well and are some serious cash, but they just don't look the part.   In your opinion, which headphones look the most expensive/impressive with no mention of the price. (They can even be...
  15. scorpio187

    Looking for a DAC/AMP to run w/ Fostex TH-900/ATH W3000ANV and AUDIOENGINE A5+($2000)

    Hi guys,     I am looking to buy a DAC or all in one DAC/AMP combo (bang for the buck!) that I could use with my A5+ speakers as well the aforementioned headphones. It can be either desktop/portable...but I believe desktop would be a better quality.   BTW, I tried running the...
  16. BRSxIgnition

    Anyone else waiting for a "Successor" to a favorite headphone?

    I've been thinking about this for a little while and I've decided to see if anyone else is the same...   Are any of you waiting for a "Successor" to any of your previous favorite headphones?    I've tried out quite a few headphones since my first favorites, the Audio Technica ATH-M50's - but...
  17. ATHFANe

    ATH W3000ANV, exceed L3000 & w2002&w5000,it’s the best HP ATH have ever made, I love it!

    I love W3000ANV,not only the appearance but also the sound. Why I love W3000? The critical point is that it have both highest sound quality and greatest moving musical. W3000ANV was made For 50 years anniversary of audio-technica, I think the perfect sound of W3000 tell me , audio-technica is a...
  18. Randius

    Audio Technica CK100 PRO! ATH-W3000ANV!

    Audio Technica has just announced an update to the CK100. The CK100 PRO features a new design, has woofer, mid-range and tweeter drivers and surprisingly (or maybe not) removable cables! However, the connector is unlike all we've seen so far. It should be available on 18th of November    ...
  19. azureaura

    Need advice to choose between the beyerdynamic T1 and audio technica w3000anv

    Can a horizontal slider rating be done to assess the sound of these in different aspects. Is the treble on the T1 not a problem, as long as the source is good enough? which of these is scalable, and responds to upgrades in source components? Is the w3000anv's detail retrieval good, though behind...
  20. faverodefavero

    AH-D7000 or ATH-W3000ANV

    Lot's of questions for Japan headphones appreciators and aficionados:   Denon or Audio-Technica? Which of these headphones have faster response and reveal more details in the music? And what is the difference (if there is any, besides cosmetics and the wood resonance) between the W3000ANV...
  21. gpoutakidis

    Audio-Technica W3000 ANV Anniversary Edition

    Hey Everyone,   Just letting you know we have a great deal on the   Audio-Technica ATH-W3000 ANV - Very Limited Stock at this price $999.00   Limited Edition 50th Anniversary super premium closed back headphones with Japanese cherry wood housing         Regards,  ...
  22. Passive Dollar

    Best Amplifier for ATH-W3000ANV

    Hello, I recently bought the ATH-W3000ANV and is looking for an amplifier that could power it the best. I'm not very good with amplifiers, so suggestions will be very grateful. Thanks
  23. Kernmac

    T1 VS W3000 ANV

    Pre-amble   The Tesla T1 and ATH W3000ANV arguably represent the flagship headphones for Beyerdynamic and Audio Technica respectively.  They have both retailed around $1500 and had street prices as low as $1000.  Although the beyer is open (semi open for the nit-pickers) and relatively...
  24. MacedonianHero

    The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

    Hi folks: As the main thread has been locked for quite some time, I think we should try kicking off a new thread.    In my travels, the W3000ANVs are simply the best closed headphones that I've heard to date. I've owned/heard many of the current/past flagships, but these just hit so many...
  25. musicday

    ATH W3000ANV cable mod/replacement???

    Hi am looking for a replacement cable to my Audio Techinca W3000ANV.I need a new cable as the original one is too long 3 m  am happy with their cable but i need something shorter, so i need a 48'' cable and maybe change from 6.3 jack to 3.5.Can anybody around London can help with  the mod or any...