1. GustavMahler

    PS1000e/PS1000 owners: What AMP/DAC are you using?

    I am trying to find out what is the best combo with the PS1000e. If i'll find out that a few people are really enjoying the same AMP/DAC i may get it. I can't audition it so i'll have to rely on opinions. Convince me! Ready? Shoot! :)
  2. Poetic

    I have $2,000 to burn right now, Headphones i was looking at the Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla, Grado Ps1000

    All my headphones will be drove from the source Ibasso dx100. Thought of the He-6 but i don't feel like going through the whole speaker amp process. I love the dynamic sound of headphones, I currently own the LCD Audeze rev2, He-500, and He-400. I know The Ps1000 are suppose to be excellent as i...
  3. GustavMahler

    ps1000 vs ps1000e in terms of sound?

    Is the sound signature much different? I f i liked the ps1000e will i like the ps1000?
  4. rage3324

    New Grados or something else? $1000 budget (new or used)

    First thing first, I love the Grado sound a lot for the music I listen to mostly (rock, classic rock, indie rock, soft rock). I also love large soundstage (AD700, K7xx) as well. While I do like my AKG K7xx for their wide soundstage, I am finding them boring and not engaging. The soundstage, to...
  5. GustavMahler

    Why are the PS1000e so underrated?!

    They are so musical and full of life! I guess if you like numbers and graphs you may like the HD800, But if you like music the PS1000e is for you! Please, PS1000e fans-Join me! And we shall glorify them in front of every head-fier!  Seriously, Why? I would just wish they were designed better...
  6. flargosa

    Why do top end headphones go beyond 20 khz if there is no sound there?

    The Sennheiser HD800, Grado PS1000e, Beyerdynamic T1, and Hifiman HE560 all play up to 50 khz. Why design headphones to reproduce frequency ranges beyond 20khz if there is nothing there?  
  7. thomson

    Grado PS-1000 cable repair or re-cabling?

    I have a pair of (rather old) Grado PS-1000 that I really like but the other day, the sound from the right side started cutting out   If I wiggle the cable close to the right ear cup back and forth a bit, I can get the sound back so I'm quite sure it's just a loose/broken cable and that some...
  8. zimzim2001

    Should I Upgrade?

    Hi all,   I'm thinking of upgrading my DAC.  I'm currently running Twonky through Oppo BDP-95.  I'm thinking I can do better than this as a source and I have the itch to upgrade.  Amp is Bryston BHA-1.  Headphones are LCD-2, HD800 and PS 1000.  I'm considering Perfectwave DAC II and would even...
  9. julienchina

    Beyerdynamic DT880 more than hold their own against the Grado PS1000

    This is my first post on head-fi. I used to be a professional cellist, and used to play alongside all kinds of instruments in all kinds of rooms or halls. And I love hi-fi, and have toyed with many very impressive systems, going up to the hundreds of thousands (US$). I'm saying that because the...
  10. vincentm66

    Amp recommendations for Grado PS1000 + Benchmark DAC2

    Hi All,   I'd like to get feedback about PS1000 users,    I currently own a PS1000 connected to a Benchmark DAC2, I’m happy with it, but wonder if adding an amp would give more life, or improve the dynamic.   I’m open to both SS or tube amps. My budget would be around 2500$   Thanks...
  11. BlackstoneJD

    Need Earbud Upgrade Ideas for Gift ($50 - $200)

    I am getting married in March and am planning on giving my best man and groomsman upgraded aftermarket earbuds as gifts. All three are using Apple/iOS devices as sources (no amps or anything like that) and they all use the standard apple earbuds.   I am willing to spend up to $200 per pair but...
  12. Andrasdesoria

    Flagship headphones in the killing field

    Interesting read. Very few of the highly regarded headphones survived this battle.
  13. Tiltman

    Best open back headphone for ipod use.

    This newbie needs help guys!!!! I am addicted to hi-fi now. I just purchased my edtion 8 for portable use. Now i am in the market for a nice open headphone that i can listen to at home on my macbook pro and ipod. i was kind of thinking Grado or AKG. Unfortunately my main audio source is an ipod...
  14. faverodefavero

    PS1000 Recable

    Hi there, I'm having cable sparkling noises on my Grado PS1000 right channel, depending on the cable position the noise comes and goes, it's a sparkle that only starts when I play low and medium-low frequencies. If the noise starts, all I have to do to stop it is fiddle a little with the...
  15. SHAHZADA123

    PS1000 WITH WOO WA22

    Please post impressions of this combo if tried.   Comparative impressions (PS1000 with another amp compared to this combo) would be even better There is only ONE supplier where I live and he deals only in SCHIIT ( could'nt pass up that one   ) so I rely heavily on Head-Fiers'...
  16. blade007

    Sennheiser HD 800 VS Grado PS 1000

    I'm thinking to buy one of these headphones. I have compared the technical specs, and they are pretty close, but still not sure which one to buy. Personally, Sennheiser is my favorite.
  17. agoston.berko

    PS1000 vs Ultrasone 10 COMPARE

    please tell me your thoughts about ps1k and ultra10. thanks
  18. D


  19. hifihead

    Grado PS-1000 or Hifiman HE-500?

    I listen to mainly jazz with a little bit of dance and R&B thrown in the mix. I understand both headphones work well with jazz but which is the better headphone regardless of the price?   Thanks in advance.
  20. zimzim2001

    Amp Recommendation For PS 1000

    Hi, I've recently acquired a pair of PS 1000 (love them).  I'm wondering if perhaps I should upgrade my amplification.  My current setup is Oppo BDP-95>RA-1>PS 1000.  I think RA-1 sounds really good but I'm wondering if the full potential of PS 1000 is being realized.  I have a feeling that the...
  21. Norway

    Why does my Grado PS 1000 sound "thin"?

    Hi, I own a pair of Grado PS 1000 and don't know if it's my ears, my preferences or something with my setup, but the sound in these are awefully thin.   My system is Windows 7 64 bit. I own both Grace Design m903 and Xonar Essence STX (sound card). The results are the same for both...
  22. faverodefavero

    Grado PS1000, PS500 and V4 Magnum.

    Which one, and why? Please.   Thank you, your opinion is indeed much appreciated!
  23. zombie1210

    Grado PS1000 break in?

    My Christmas present to myself arrives tomorrow, a set of Grado PS1000's.   Will they require a "break in" period?   Will they sound different after being broken in?   I have read a little on break in, but I still wonder exactly what happens.   Thanks!
  24. s1rrah

    Houston area PS1000 owners?

    Hey ...   I'm tentatively considering upgrading from a much loved pair of Grado GS1000's to the PS1000's but simply don't want to invest until I can demo/hear a pair ...   That said ... I was wondering if any of you out there in Head-fi land might reside in Houston and if you might have...
  25. Sahara

    Senn HD 800 + Grado PS1000 or Audeze LCD-3

    Hi there.   I own a Senn HD800 + Woo Audio 2 OTL, Im very happy with this combo but now I would like to have a second pair of headphones -not to replace the Senn's just to have a complementary stetic sound-  and Im thinking in Grado PS1000 or Audeze LCD-3.   The new model must be driven...