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Jul 28, 2019
Sep 27, 2007
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politico; table dancer; writer, occasional prostitute (as required); tire man; songwriter; ?????

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Headphoneus Supremus

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Jul 28, 2019
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    politico; table dancer; writer, occasional prostitute (as required); tire man; songwriter; ?????
    surf, skate, politics, muzak, hacking, networks, compromises/vulnerabilities, audio.
    overclocking my CPU till it melts.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Stax SR-404LE, Stax SR-007 MK2.5, Grado PS1000e, Shure SE535, Bose Triports (only for gaming, which they are great at; especially with good 2.1 surround software). Koss Porta Pro. Cooler Master Sirus 7.1
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Stax SRM-007T, Woo WA6 SE, Mapletree Ear+ HD
    Source Inventory:
    MHDT Labs Stockholm DAC / Sony DVP-C650D 5-disc Carousel Player / Cowon J3
    Cable Inventory:
    Morrow Audio IC3's for just about all RCA IC's / Zu Birth power cable / Audioart power cables
    Power-Related Components:
    Black Sand Violet Power Cord / Audio Arts Power 1 w/ Furtech Plugs Power Cord / Zu Birth Power Cord
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Yamaha MS-101 II powered monitors, various peavy/behringer mixers, a gazillion cables and a few harmonicas, some Gibson guitars, some Fender Guitars, some Marshall amplifiers, some Fender spring reverb stuff, various shakers and rattles and a can-do-no-wrong, 16 year old Seagull six string acoustic guitar.
    Music Preferences:
    Chamber music, quartets, quintets, indie, alt-country, stoner rock, doom, sludge, some early eighties dance stuff (Bolshoi, New Order, Alphaville, etc.)
    IBM PC overclocking, air cooling, liquid cooling, heat sinks, tubes, clamps, thermal greases, HD video cameras, lenses, tripods, condenser microphones, field recording devices, etc.
    Sk8 ditches or die! Make a mess of it. Offend in every way. Write it! Do it! Take it!


    HOME RIG: MHDT Lab Pagoda DAC / Mapletree Ear+ Purist HD / Grado PS1000
    PORTABLE RIG: Cowon J3 -> SE535
    errata:  the g0dz of V1ct0ry
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