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Grado PS-1000 or Hifiman HE-500?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifihead, Jan 24, 2012.
  1. hifihead
    I listen to mainly jazz with a little bit of dance and R&B thrown in the mix. I understand both headphones work well with jazz but which is the better headphone regardless of the price?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. mbnt
    This question is rather ironic, because I have been debating the exact same thing.
    I just bought the HE-500.  We'll see how well they rock out with a NuForce Icon HDP.
  3. vese
    Personally I'm a huge supporter of all of the HiFiMAN products and I'm sure the PS-1000s sound great with your genres but I feel like the HE-500s REALLY excel as far as jazz goes, the sound stage is great and listening to the HE-500s with good quality music and a good amp is certainly an experience.
  4. Gwarmi
     Could not recommend the PS1000 unless you somehow manage to audition them or find a seller who will
     agree to 'try before you buy'.
     They're unique headphones, I absolutely adore mine, the rest of my cans have been in deep hibernation
     ever since I got my claws on them - they just sit there gathering dust. However, not all is red and rosy.
     They're very material dependent, being a big sound stage can, the mids depending on the recording can
     sound a little distant, it takes a long audition to realize the fine line that Johnny Grado walked whilst
     creating these wondrous cans - if the recording was mic'd fairly far out then the PS1000 will certainly
     make it sound even further out. However if the mic'd vocals eg, instruments are fairly forward sounding
     then they can create this spectacular sound stage and keep the mids nice and forward.
     In a nutshell, with some recordings they will blow you away big time and with others they can sound
     a little lack lustre. Relatively easy to amp but you'd want choose carefully here, pick an amp that has
     a tendency to sound a little forward. Good choices would be Woo WA6, Ray Samuels Raptor and
     even the Schiit Lyr - I use Violectric and it's a fairly good match but there is better out there for
     the PS1000 according to my taste.
     As for the HE-500 - yet to hear it.
  5. MalVeauX


    Tough call. It will come down to preference really. I can definitely say that the HE500 is phenomenal for every genre I've put it through. I don't think it's even possible to go wrong with it. But it will need significant amplification so that adds to cost. Then again, the HE500 is cheaper than the PS1K by a far margin, and likely cheaper even with a DAC/AMP thrown in unless you already have the equipment (I assume you do though). I've been wanting to get the GS1000 myself lately. I have three Grados and basically would like to have one that was meant to be with G-cush pads for comfort, while having that Grado sound. Maybe be a while, it's ungodly expensive.
    Get the Grado from a reseller that lets you return it within 30 days without question? Try it out and let yourself judge it. If you don't love it instantly, return it, get the HE500.
    Very best,
  6. vese

    This comment is SO accurate, I havent had what I would call extensive time with the PS1000s but everything he said about the sound staging on them is very correct, in my opinion of course.
  7. LFF
    Having heard both...I can't say I could recommend the PS-1000 at all.
    I think the HE-500 is a fantastic headphone and IMHO, the best retail orthodynamic you can buy without the need to mod it.

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