Feb 24, 2009
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    Sports, Music, Car-HiFi, Woman
    Tesla Model S
    Headphone Inventory:
    iGrado - like it really much. Best Bargain since it's available.
    but if You don't like the neckband buy Alessandro MS1/MS1i

    Sennheiser PX100 - not bad, nothing special (iGrado much much better)

    Sennheiser IE8 - sold - recommend it, but a bit too german (I prefer iGrado)

    Sennheiser IE80 - sold - good but not recommend it as much as IE8

    AKG K501 - not recommend it, too bass light, big, warm, soundstage is unrealistic - amping is a challange

    Beyerdynamic T1 - booring - don't buy that pieces of sh*t - my worst purchase ever

    Grado PS1000 - amazing but not so comfy after 30 minutes, NOT worth X million $$$ but still that sound is WOW

    Ultrasone Edition 10 - best build quality ever in my hands, but sounds is a bad joke, forget it

    Etymotic Research ER-4S - not recommend it, very bad, iem-should work also without serious amping, don't buy that

    Sony W202 - recommend it, best "wireless" portable gear so far - easy to use - ok sound, amazing concept - no cable

    Sony W252 - not recommend it, too big, bad build quality and layout, but buy iGrado and modifiy the headband

    ESW9 - good but not as good as excepted, discomfortable - heavy for my likings and too much clamping force

    Grado HF2 - sound is out of this world, but a bit expensive to justified the price tag. Alessandro

    My all time favorite headphone: Alessandro MS Pro -> small, light, sound is beautiful, relatively cheap
    Pro's: does everything right (for my music), love mahagony (classical, sacred music, jazz)
    Con's: comfort problems, thick annoying cable, one-sided thin cable would be much more preferable
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Musical Fidelity M1HPA - very good, like it
    Graham Slee Ultra Linear - forget it - NOISE EVERYWHERE !
    Fiio E5 - good
    Fiio E6 - bad
    Source Inventory:
    PC via USB (no soundcard) - B&W MM1 - LOVE IT !!!!!!!
    Klipsch Promedia 4.1 - not bad but MM1 miles ahead.
    Sansa Fuze V2 - positive aspects: NO touchscreen, I hate all touchscreen in the world
    Cable Inventory:
    Audioquest Carbon USB 0,75m - recommend it - very good
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Klipsch RB-75 loudspeaker - not perfect for music but outstanding with movies
    Unison Research Simply Two Stereo Tube Amp - sweet
    Focal Utopia in car with Scanspeak tweeter - nice synergy.
    Helix A4 and Helix A6 car amp - affordable german masterpiece
    Brax 1F condensator - there is still no better on the market
    Phase Aliante 12 Si LTD Woofer - of course sealed - best ever sub-bass in car audio industry
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    iGrado driver with Sennheiser PX100 headband -> hibrid , very comfortable, light
    ADE factory modification for T1 - makes it a little bit better, nothing special
    Music Preferences:
    Classic, Rock, Pop, Electro, Rap, Jazz ... blablabla
    Nokia e71
    Sanyo Eneloop - outstanding
    Nofan CR-95C - best passiv CPU cooler ever - ZERO dB
    Seasonic X-series 460Watt passiv power supply - plenty of power, high quality ZERO dB
    Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle
    CTEK car battery charger
    B&W MM1
    Alessandro MS Pro


    Crying is not to be ashamed of if you listen to highend gear...
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