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    My HeadFi system as of February 2014
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  4. Nickan

    Is my HDP enough to drive Tesla 1?

    Hi everyone is my hdp amp will drive T1 properly? I have headphone k701 and rs1i should I need upgrade my amp or buy a new headphone t1?
  5. MLGrado

    Icon Tube amp too forward in upper mids. Suggestions?

    I just purchased an Icon Stereo 20PP tube integrated with headphone output.  It was a demo model, so I am unaware of how many hours are on the tubes.  I also know very little about the stock tubes, other than they are chinese in origin.     I have a set of Grado RS1i headphones as my go to...
  6. whirlwind

    Well......It Happened Again!

    It happened again alright.....I stopped by to visit, and it has hurt my wallet again.    I have been diggin my grado 325i's for awile now and have just purchased a pair of RS1i's.....they should be here monday......I am flippin stoked....cant wait.   I will probrably sell my 325i's if I...
  7. Poetic

    I have $2,000 to burn right now, Headphones i was looking at the Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla, Grado Ps1000

    All my headphones will be drove from the source Ibasso dx100. Thought of the He-6 but i don't feel like going through the whole speaker amp process. I love the dynamic sound of headphones, I currently own the LCD Audeze rev2, He-500, and He-400. I know The Ps1000 are suppose to be excellent as i...
  8. the5chord

    audio technica ath-m50 vs hifiman he400

    How to these compare? I have a pair of Grado RS1i's that I love for rock but I have been listening to some more bass heavy music lately. I have tried the HE-400's out about a year ago and loved the amount of sub bass. I don't live anywhere near a place that sells headphones like this. So any...
  9. arte arquiteto


    Synergy comes to mind whenever I've tried matching loudspeakers to amplifier to source. This synergy is important when choosing a headphone amplifier for your headphones. The response to the Grado RS1i is one of musicality and a headphone amplifier which gets great praise is the Maple Tree Audio...
  10. TheDarkKnight

    Need advice on making a purchase.

    Hello all, I've been in the market for new headphones for a week or two now.   I'm a singer, and will be recording stuff here soon, and I'd like to know what's considered a decent pair for recording? The only full-sized headphones I ever owned were the old Bose Tri-Ports, which I think are...
  11. gooner26

    Is there any such thing as a "fake" Grado RS1i?

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of Grado RS1i's from eBay. I got a great deal (£469) and everything is working fine, also came with supplied extension lead and adaptor for use with smaller headphone jacks, but I heard recently a guy saying that he bought some headphones from eBay and he said he...
  12. Michael G.

    A little trick to remember, especially for first time Grado users...

    As I'm up for a Grado RS1i listening session, my rule of fit comes to mind.    Hold the bowls (if you're using standard Grado bowl earcups, as I do) with your index finger on the backside of each bowl. Put the headphones on, and using the placement of your index fingers as an index, line up...
  13. xinyuzhao

    Wanna a system with headphone and DAC AMP use on laptop

    Here can not more than 1500 dollar for it and I need a system about listen to the music which is vocal of Asian lady and Nightwish or X japan .  AND TWO WAY I THINK IS : 1. Lavry Da11 +DT880 250ohms 2 .Rs1i+Ra1+ DAC (NO IDEA)   So if here is some another idea that will be great and although...
  14. KLJTech

    How many hours a week (on avg) do you listen to your full-size headphones?

    I generally listen far more to my IEM's during any given day (music or Audiobooks) than I do to my full-size headphones at my office or at home. I bet I probably listen to IEM's at least 5-6 hours a day and some days maybe even more...sometimes I wear them to bed, listening to music as I fall...
  15. AllsWell

    RS1i --> I E M ?

    What I'm looking for is something very similar to the RS1i sound signature IN an IEM. (Preferrably without putting a "hole" in my wallet)   OR   For anyone not familiar with the sound signature I'm referring to (Big lows and Big highs)    So, something similar to a Triple Fi 10 but...
  16. Lurkingbf

    Could This Be Better for Grados?

    Hello, all.   I just spent the weekend auditioning a pair of Grado RS1i's in my home. (My local dealer is awesome that way.) I liked them enough that I am planning to buy them without bothering, at this point in time, to audition my other possible choice (Senn HD650). The dealer is not sure...
  17. zazex

    Grado RS1i and RS1e side by side - Pictures!

  18. Vandal

    New amp for this setup

    Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of trolling reading up on a new amp. Still need some advice from my fellow head-fiers. I have an HD650 and RS1i running out of a DAC19DSP/Little Dot Micro Tube combo. I quite enjoy the combo, but am wondering if I can do better? Read up on Little Dots, Schiit...
  19. MLGrado

    Grado RS1i breakin

    Hello everyone.  I have been an RS1i owner for about two months now.  Before that, I owned a set of 225i's...   The RS1s were very disappointing out of the box, compared to a pair of well used 225s.  The sound of the RS1s changed dramatially over the course of the first 10 hours or so, and...
  20. michaelwheeldon

    GRADO RS1i upgrade

    my first post here but just wondering if anyone done the same as me and fitted the G cushion pads from PS1000 on their RS1i headphones and black taped the edges. I loved these headphones in standard form but this little mod has put them onto a different planet. sound stage is enormous , high...
  21. Peter68

    Fiio E07K and Grado RS1i?

    I just ordered the Grado RS1i headphones and am wondering if the portable amp I already have--the Fiio e07K Andes--is a good match for it. Any thoughts? Your help is much appreciated.
  22. ourfpshero

    Is it wrong to miss a headphone?

    Sigh, I just saw this ad for a Sony cd3000   -which is way too rich for me, but I had a like new cd3000 a few years ago and sold it for about $450 here- a great price...
  23. Phredd

    My First Grado - RS1i - Help me decide if I should keep it...

    I bought the Sennheiser HD700 and I wasn't completely happy with it, though I was listening to it through the headphone jack of my receiver with unknown specs or quality. Based on reviews I decided to try the Grado RS1i. I like it a lot. Today I received the JDS Labs C5D and now the HD700 sounds...
  24. MarkIV

    Why (or how) do Grado RS1i headphones suddenly make my old CDs from the '80s sound good?

    I recently purchased a used pair of Grado RS1i headphones. They sound great, but what really surprised me is how good some of old CDs now sound. Most of these CDs I really haven't listened to much over the past few years since they have sounded terrible on my IEMs (Shure Se535), other...
  25. beez

    Grado's biggest mistake

    is not including flat pads with every headphone.   I can't even imagine how much more they would sell, especially to the younger generation if they did this. Most people who own grados don't even bother to try out flats because they cost $35. Just a piece of foam but the switch to flats made...