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HiFiMan HE-500/Objective 2 Combo?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by scoho, Feb 3, 2015.
  1. ScoHo
    I'm looking to upgrade my headphones and currently leaning toward a HiFiMan HE-500/JDS Labs Objective2 combination (or possibly Sennheiser HD650).  Any opinions on this combo?  My source would be an iPod Classic (5th gen) or possibly a PC or tablet.
    I see that when ordering an Objective2, you have your choice of 2.5x & 6.5x, 1.0x & 3.5x or 1.0x & 2.5x.  Which would be the best choice?
    I don't currently have a DAC, but will probably get one eventually.
    EDIT: Sorry, realized I should have posted this in the help/recommendations thread.

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