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Eerily amazing-sounding DT 770 PRO 250 ohm (Must read)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kiikasi, Feb 24, 2013.
  1. kiikasi
    Now. This is all going to sound a bit crazy, so bear with me, alright? I just yesterday picked up a pair of DT 770 PROs. These are in fact my second pair of them as I had returned them well in the past. They are a very "fun" sounding headphone with great bass, but a kind of "closed" or "cupped" sounding soundstage. Opening the box and putting these babies on, that was exactly what I was expecting. I WAS SO WRONG.
    From the instant I turned these on I was BLOWN AWAY. The soundstage was MASSIVE! I was suddenly in this huge room with all of my favourite musicians! (Dream Theater). If this was the only thing that was different I would be happy, but there is so much more... 
    Next of all, these are veeery neutral sounding headphones! The midrange blends flawlessly with the bass and treble until there is a nice, musical whole. What this caused is me hearing things I have never heard before in my music just out of an iPod (No amp yet!!). It turns out that there is extra talking in the song "Slow Down" by Reel Big Fish that I have NEVER heard before! I have listened to this song on my HE-500s + Grado RS2i and did not hear anything like that before! This has just been the first hour and I was starting to get creeped out as much as excited...
    On to the bass! I can't recall hearing bass this clear, tight, and detailed since I auditioned the HD800s (More on that later) and it is beautifully well-extended, too! From Deadmau5 to Slipknot, every sub-bass note was clearly defined and beautiful. Blissful.
    I have never in my life heard a headphone that did so much so well, but this... holy crap!! This is every ounce a world-class headphone and it's a BLOODY DT 770 PRO 250 OHM! It's not even the 600 ohm version... the soundstage on these completely crushes the HE-500s and the only headphone I have heard that had this sort of space was the HD800 itself. Now, this headphone doesn't do imaging quite as well as the HD800, but it is up there! And let's not forget what this bloody thing is.
    Now... With the amp... I am using a Bellari HA540 tube amp with an iPod Classic as the source, and the result is eeeverything getting even better!!! The soundstage increased 25% and there is now pleasant punchiness to its sound. If someone put these on my head and asked me what I though the price was, I would say $1500. I'm dead serious. These are at least 2x better than the HE-500.
    So this is great and all... but how the hell??? I have a few theories:
    1. This headphone was bought previously, the person put T5P drivers in it and returned it for shiggles.
    2. A person in manufacturing was new and accidentally put a high-end or experimental driver in these headphones (?)
    3. A freak accident of physics!
    Now I understand if you find any of this hard to believe, but pleease just humor me and assume it's true! I would like your input! My brain is on fire...
  2. viralcow
    Please, take your pair to a place where you can take some measurements.
    Until then,
  3. kiikasi
    Where do you figure I can take them? I will post all the results if I can find a place!

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