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Considering an HE-500 - will I need an amp upgrade? (I hope not!)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by avi, Feb 25, 2013.
  1. Avi
    I'm seriously considering purchasing an HE-500. I currently have a Meier Corda Stepdance for work use and a Corda Jazz for home use. I've been reading older threads, and, unfortunately, I could not find discussions about those particular pairings. My hunch from my research is that I should be OK (as this is the HE-500 and not the HE-6) but, like all headfiers whose wallets are in grave danger, I'd appreciate any specific feedback about the HE-500 and the two Meier amps I own. I don't think I could (or my wallet could) stomach purchasing another amp at this time if I get the headphones. Thank you.
  2. Avi
    Found only this <http://www.head-fi.org/t/644576/good-amp-for-he-500-under-500> so far. Any disagreements with the findings in that thread, perchance?
  3. disastermouse
    I have the HE-500 (and love it!), but I have no experience with either of those amps.
  4. MrTie84
    Maximum output 15V / 300 mA. According to Meier on the Jazz, I would say this isn't going to play all that nice with the HE-500, though I have never personally heard the amp with these cans, in most cases the more power(within reason) the better the HE-500 have sounded to me.
  5. zeinharis
    I can see you are using the Dacport LX for your source, so i'm assuming your quite familiar with its soundsign. The simplest setup that comes in mind is the original Dacport, the original Dacport is quite powerful it can drive the HE-500 just fine and it's also transportable due it's small size
  6. Avi
    The issue is that I already own a Jazz and Stepdance (and am very happy with both) but I'm not going to plunk down $700 for a pair of cans I'll need to spend another $500 on for an amp :frowning2:
    BTW, the DACport LX + Corda (stepdance or jazz) is an amazing combination, IMO :)
  7. zeinharis

    Yes the LX is among the best source you can find in just under $500, with your setups I'm suggesting you the HE-400 or the Maddogs perhaps, it's a lot easier to drive them if you want to taste that ortho sound :)

    Edited : typo :D
  8. MalVeauX
    Have you auditioned the HE500?
    What makes you want the HE500?
    It's actually quite efficient and will run from most amps without much issue. It may not run at ideal spec, but it will perform. My tiny Fiio E10 pushes the HE500 enough to sound good. I imagine something better would probably at least do a bit better? Then again, I'm all about over-kill when it comes to Orthos.
    If you're worried about being able to drive them; and you're worried about spending over $1000 total. Then maybe look at the HE400.
    Very best,
  9. disastermouse
    If you need to cheaply amp the HE-500, I can verify that the Schiit Magni powers them much better than the E9 or O2 - like 'night-and-day' better.
  10. Avi
    You think the Magni would outperform the Jazz? It seems to pull less overall power than the Jazz, but I'm no expert. Thanks!
  11. justin w. Contributor
    15V output level will work fine with the HE-500
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