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Hunting for a good Hifi Amp with a great sounding headphones out socket ??

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by megh55555, Jan 7, 2013.
  1. megh55555
    Recently bought Hifiman HE-400 headphones and they are a joy to listen to.
    I play all my music from the laptop drive connected to a decent dac  via async usb [v-dac+ v-psu]  which is fed to Cambridge Audio 650A Amp
    I have noticed that the fullness and quality I get from my external monitor audio bx2 speakers is much better compared to using the headphone slot on this Amp. I was expecting that cambridge audio would have a great quality headphone socket out, the bass seems to break / spread out at high / very high volumes
    Im now considering an upgrade to Amp which can be capable of driving both headphones as well as speakers with equal punch and quality.Any suggestions?
  2. pp312
    I'm also interested in finding a good headphone out on an integrated for a HE-500. However, your post is a little confusing. You can't really compare the sound of speakers from any amp compared to headphones; it's two different things. Also you seem to be implying that there's distortion from the headphone socket with your "break / spread out at high / very high volumes" comment (or am I misunderstanding?). Don't quote me on this, but I seem to recall that the Cambridge Audio amps other than the budget 350A use a separate headphone amp, so it's possible (assuming there isn't a fault) that it simply doesn't provide enough juice for the orthos. Most integrated's headphone sockets these days are driven from the power amp through resistors, so power shouldn't be a problem. Maybe you could audition a Nad or Marantz integrated with your phones and see if you get a better result.
  3. Errymoose
    At least for the HE-500 you could try something like this idea: http://www.head-fi.org/t/629352/hifiman-he-500-on-a-speaker-amp-emotiva-mini-x-a-100-project
    Pretty sure I recall MalVeaux trying the HE-400 on the same speaker taps and being impressed.   Need to be a bit careful on the volume knob with them though.   If your speakers are efficient enough to be driven by a low powered speaker amp something along the same lines might be a fun option... idk what a good amp with A/B speaker taps would be though.  
    I would actually be interested in some suggestions for this experiment myself...

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