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Which ultrasone to choose?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by davidsh, Feb 25, 2013.
  1. davidsh
    Long story short, I need a headphone from ultrasone. I don't want recommendations on other headphones. 
    At the moment I am enjoying my HE-500, and I consider the sound close to perfection/with no major flaws. I listen to a lot of genres. I like metal, rock, jazz, acoustic, and any genre that I find musical. In other words my taste is quite broad.
    I mostly like a natural and coherent sound. Everything has its place, bass, mids and treble. But if I have to choose I would choose a mid centric or dark headphone rather than u-shaped or bright headphone.
    Can you help me here? I have a feeling ultrasone house sound isn't really for me, but what get closest to my preferences, and what is my options? [​IMG]
    The headphones I want should be closed-back, and for amplification I have the e17 and my x-can v8, which is a decent tube amp. Else I would use my iPhone when not at home.
    Also, one last question. Are the ultrasones durable for portable use?
    I really hope you can help me, and answer fast.
    Thank you [​IMG]
  2. davidsh
    A little BUMB before bed
  3. MalVeauX
    Ultrasone is clearly not for you at all.
    So regardless of you saying you don't want a different recommendation, I will say, look to other headphones. Not Ultrasone. They are not mid-centric, and not dark, at all.
    Very best,
  4. davidsh
    Thanks Mal... I guess.
    But saying I HAVE to get an ultrasone, what should I get? The alternative is like no headphone [​IMG]
    One might have less treble spikes, and more 'equalizable'?
  5. MalVeauX
    If Ultrasone is the only thing possible for you to buy, and based on what you described, then look at:
    HFI 680
    PRO 650
    PRO 750
    Very best,
  6. davidsh
    Okay, thank you. I will do my research, and maybe ask again later.
  7. davidsh
    Mal, can you write a couple of words about the differences of the mentioned headphones. Please [​IMG]
    From my research I have found, that the Pro750 is more open and have a tighter bass than the Pro650. The HFI750 might be a bit more bass light, and a bit bright? How well do they isolate?
    As of now, I think the pro750 would suit me best.
  8. MalVeauX
    Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure to  hear every model. The PRO750 is a well balanced headphone, like the HFI780. Not overly bassy, but bass capable. Good sound stage. Good isolation and comfort. A little bright. Nothing an equalizer cannot take care of.
    Very best,
  9. davidsh

    Great! I just don't want annoying and unpleasant spikes, since I have my e17, and turning down the treble shouldn't be a problem. Just saw I wrote HFI750. I did mean HFI780..
    It would be nice with an opinion from someone who have heard the Ultrasones.
  10. davidsh
    I had the pleasure (?) of trying the Pro 550, DJ1, and HFI-680/780 today. I ended up with the HFI-780.
    Discluded the DJ1 and HFI-680 quite fast. The DJ1 was too bassy and had an annoying treble. The HFI-680 just seemed a bit inferior to both the Pro's and the 780's in soundstaging.
    So I ended up having a hard time choosing between the Pro 550's and the HFI-780. A very hard time!
    The Pro's sounded a bit flat and dull. Good bass, though. It seemed to go deeper than the 780's, but on the other hand it wasn't as controlled. With the Pro's I got a very wide soundstage sounding well proportioned with seemingly good positioning. But the depth of the sound stage turned me off! It was like a wall of sound hitting my ears, no depth. After all I found the Pro's to be the  technically best headphone with the most neutral sound, but a bit dull, and with bass that could be more defined. And really lacking in depth.
    The 780's had more punch, but less deep bass than the Pro's. They soundstage seems deeper and more natural, but on the other hand it can seem really crammed in width on some tracks, and they just aren't as transparent as the Pro's. I also found the instrument seperation on the Pro's better. But on the other hand I don't feel like getting hit by a flat wall of sound.
    The 780's had an aggresive sound to them. Like if the upper mids is a bit exaggerated. Maybe from some 1kHz to 2-3kHz. Can make female vocals and some other music seem unpleasent, but I feel like that can easily be dealt with with some EQ.
    What tipped me towards the 780's was that the sound was a bit more natural, musical and fun with a better controlled bass. Even though I felt the Pro's were more of a technically good performer.
    Also the better design on the 780's made the desition a bit easier.
    I think I can get used to the treble with time and burn-in. It is sibilant on sibilant tracks, and can be on tracks without sibilance. 
    They will never touch my HE-500 or even come close to doing so, though. I think I'll have a lot of fun with them on the road, though.
    One thing I really would like to be better on these cans, is the width of the sound stage!
    This was my initial impressions. Might change with time.

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