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I have $500 for headphones, but I am also VERY confused about now!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by crisancosmin19, Feb 24, 2013.
  1. crisancosmin19
    First of all, I want to thank you guys very very much for all the wealth of information you so selflessly provide here.
    I would be lost completely if it weren't for you.
    Now, I have a pair of Bose QC 15, or at least had, until wife got them on her side of the desk. So, I need new headphones.
    Here is some more additional info:
    - budget $500 to $700 (after kidney sale). More like $500.
    - music files in ALAC or FLAC, 100%
    - I own a Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 with upgraded OpAmps and Tubes. 
    - PC as 'transport'
    - I listen to country/bluegrass 50% of the time. Think Alison Kraus, Union Station, Bill Monroe
    - the rest is Techno, Dance, House, Electronic, Yanni (I like), Sarah McLachlann (sp). 
    Now, wife said sound leakage is a problem. I had a pair of Grado Sr80i and they had to go because of that.
    My choices are Sennheiser HD650, PSB m4u2, HIFIman HE500 (dependent on the kidney bake sale. A bit out of my range, but I will beg like a mad dog.) and the closed backs AT W1000 cans.
    Sound leakage is a no, but in the end, I would like the cans with the best sonic characteristics for my needs with that budget.
    Please be angels again and save my hide. HIFIman would be my first choice.
    Thanks again for all the help and sorry for the lengthy first post.
  2. TMRaven
    Definitely not the hifiman.  It doesn't just leak sound, it projects sound outwards.  The HD650 will leak.  
  3. crisancosmin19
    So the HD650's are not that bad, say for someone sitting 5 feet away, watching their thing?
  4. Kamakahah
    Mad Dogs /w Alpha Pads. Best possible isolation, almost perfect comfort and sound similar to the 650s. Best part, only $300 so no kidney sale.
  5. obobskivich
    AT W1000X - they'd be a fantastic match given the music you listed, and they're very sensitive/easily driven (so I assume they'd stack fine with what you already have). They're a reasonable upgrade over the QC15 as well (I like the QC15, but I like the Grandioso better). I'd take them over any Sennheiser I've ever heard, not even getting into the isolation/leakage discussion (and then there's also the bit where they're closed, provide functional isolation and containment, and so on - and still do better than a large swath of open-back cans).

    Can get more specific if you want. :)
  6. disastermouse
    I agree - if sound leakage is bad, the HE-500 will not work. Try the MadDogs for a closed ortho.
  7. Kamakahah
    Just coincidence, but I happened to post in the deals thread about a good deal on the ATH-W1000X. 
    http://www.soundprofessionals.com/cgi-bin/gold/item/ATH-W1000X   if you are interested. $350 is right in your price range.  Like-New after a factory recondition and have full warranty. 
  8. Flisker
    As for sound lekage, HiFiMan is terror for anyone else in the room it's doing more noise outside of cans than inside, but I take it in the positive way - don't need speakers [​IMG]
    HD650 is open can and in my experience ppl in same room won't be happy about it, it's not like HiFiMan but still pretty disturbing. Don't have Grados yet but imo it will be worse than SR80i.
    As for "best sonic characteristics" it's pretty hot topic :)
    For me, HD650 can't beat HE-400, so I guess I would also prefer HE-500. Best way would be try them out first somewhere if it's possible. To hear what is it you like more. But if noise is problem than they are probably not an option.

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