1. ysunkar

    SOLD: Hifiman HE-400

    These classic headphones are in great shape and perfect working order. They have Focus A earpads installed which feel very comfortable and also make them sound even better. They come with the stock cable and a 1/4" adapter but no box. Looking for $80 shipped CONUS. Thanks.
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  4. Jbmorrey

    Portable headphone decision..... That Planar sound...on the go!

    Ok, so I don't have access to listening to headphones other than what you would find at Best Buy. So I can tell you what I have and what I listen to and hopefully you can help me decide, or throw in a sugesstion. I own the Thinksound on1 and to honest, I am quite pleased with them, I am just...
  5. kendryna

    someone help me, i'm a headphone newb

    i know nothing of heaphones and have very little to work with (an ipod touch and mp3 music files). I am interested in buying high quality headphones, solely for the purpose of listening to music. I listen to everything and need headphones that will be capable of playing everything with crystal...
  6. Retrias

    Dear Head-Fi Help me Kill my Wallet

    Dear head fi , I am pretty new here , just getting into the better part of the audio world , so far I have a beyer dt 1350, and a fiio e 17, so now I want something to use at home, something that maximize on comfort, you know like a full size headphone, so I am looking for the headphone that is ...
  7. daniel0407

    What Headphones buy this December?

    Hi! I am looking for a new par of headphones to buy this December. I currently have the Sennheiser HD 558 and until now I am very happy with the sound when pair with the Ipod Classic without amplification.   The ideal headphone to me should be relatively easy to drive, circumaural open...
  8. JoshNurse

    So many options I am so confused. Looking for headphones with good bass and over all great sound,

    At first I wanted these 2 options beyerdynamic DT 990 and  Headphone HE-400 but some people say they are open and people will hear all of my music. I want great sounding headphones but at least a little isolation. Now I am thinking of the Denon AH-D400 which people say have a bit more of...
  9. Dragunov-21

    Need help - $400, open cans for acoustic/strings/classical/female vocals

    Hi guys,   I've been looking at Heir Audio's new 4.Ai IEMs as a better compromise between my ER4Ps and UM3Xs, but realistically, I'm looking for the best sound for my money and portability/isolation isn't an issue.  Help me out?  I know my way aroudn IEMs but full-size 'phones are completely...
  10. aidenator

    Best over ear headphones under 500? other recommendations??

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum however I am not totally new to decent headphones. I have owned, Shure, Bose, Beats, and then cheap stuff. I am ready to make a bigger jump to some headphones that are a bit more of the "real deal". I Would like like to keep it under 500, and I am curious...
  11. abcd

    I am looking for headphones that are about $350, good for trance and progressive house

    Sup guys! I finally decided to join head-fi after a year of lurking. Anyways, I need some nice mid range $350 headphones with use with my amp. I have been looking at the AKG K 702's. What are my options. Closed would be nice but not needed. Thanks guys.   I will be mostly using these at...
  12. TunneLVisioN42

    Finding Distortion Source

    I recently woke up one day and I could swear I noticed distortion that was not previously there on some of my tracks, everything is lossless but I know that does not absolve the recording or the track of guilt when it comes to distortion, its just it seems that there is more on songs I did not...
  13. cableman5

    Upgrade Help Needed

    Hi everyone,   I have been a member for a long time, but never posted before (the community is so helpful that I always found everything without having to ask questions). I chose my first decent pair of headphones after spending months researching here. I ended up getting the Audio-Technica...
  14. Fedelesk

    Searching for new phones? Use this guide!

    If you need some clarification on full sized headphones check the below link out. I think it's an awesome way to narrow your decision. While it may not recommend the best phones, like the he400(this site is slightly outdated is why) it does a nice job of defining them. It's sorted by price, it...
  15. jmotyka

    HE-400 VS HE400i VS Fidelio X2 (Need Input)

    So im going to be purchasing a new setup. Ive always been an in ear monitor guy but could never find one that i "Loved" ive read alot of reviews between each of these headphones and it seem everyone loves all three. Im of bit of a bass head but i also enjoy clarity and detail, but what i hate is...
  16. god alien

    Best headphones (and amp/dac for vocals (pop, ballads) ASAP

    Hello Head-Fi community. I am planning upgrade my current headphones (Sennheiser HD595/no amp), and I am looking to spend no more than $700 (headphones alone). I really enjoy the signature sound of my 595, and I would like to buy something that sounds similar but better of course. I like the...
  17. Justlog

    New pair of phones.

    Hey everyone. Now, before everyone jumps on me with the"Go to IEM comparison" I have already done so and didn't came up with nothing yet. I would like a pair of IEM with decent isolation, nice durability(will be used outside of the house as well as in the house) I listen to a bunch of...
  18. lesliejazz

    Am I looking at the righ Headphones?

    Greetings, although this is my first post, this forum has already made significant dents in my wallet.  I would love some advise on purchasing a new set on phones.  I currently own the Miles Davis Tributes, Monster Coppers, UE Triple fi 10's and Velodyne Vpluses. I listen to FLAC and Apple...
  19. donttouchmyhoho

    Headset for pc/gaming console need help on choice

    Beyerdynamic DT990 (Premium and Pro)   HiFiMAN HE-400 Planar Driver High Efficiency Headphones   Ultrasone Pro 900   Ultrasone Pro 2900       I have extremely little knowledge in terms of the terminology you guys throw out there so helping me decided on these or something else...
  20. kenshiu93

    Headphone & Amp/Receiver Recommendations!

    Hi,   I'm interested in headphones (around-the-ear) for $400-600 and I was thinking about the HE-400.   I mainly listen to Rock, Country & R&B and will be sourcing from my Macbook Pro. Let me know if I should choose another headphone!   In addition, I'm a bit confused about amps?  ...
  21. M Coupe

    What Over Ear To Get?

    Hi All,   First Post. I am a long time audio nut.  I have had the likes of Levinson, Classe, JM Lab and etc... for my 2 channel needs.  A few years ago, I settled in on my Revel Salon, Jeff Rowland, Transparent set-up and love it.  In that time, I found that having a wide/deep/accurate sound...
  22. Wild

    One $400 or Two $200 headphones?

    I've seen contradictory advice on this subject all over the place, so I'm starting a poll. If your budget was say $400, would you rather have one headphone or two?   I care more about whether a couple "cheaper" headphones is better than one "good" one, regardless of budget. Any opinions...
  23. mstark

    £300 full-size cans similar to on-ear ESW10?

    Looking for a pair of full-size cans for home listening, will be driven off of a TEAC A-H01.   Budget is around £300, and I'm ideally looking for something sounding similar to ESW10. ESW10 is great for portable listening, but gets uncomfortable quickly while sitting at the computer working &...
  24. Shoppy

    Need ideas on a headband or something that will help vmoda's fit my daughters head.

    I bought my twelve year old daughter a pair of vmoda lp's for Christmas.  She wanted the beats, but I refuse to spend two hundred on a pair that not only sounds awful,but cost double what I paid for these. Plus the sturdy factor of these really caught my attention. Anyhow, she is fairly happy...
  25. Arbakadarba

    Looking for new full-size, open headphones - need help choosing between all the suggestions

    I have been looking for a new set of headphones for a while, and have received a lot of suggestions. I have already excluded some, but there is still a good bunch to choose from. I will use my headphones mainly for music, but they will also be used for movies. I prefer detailed, clear and...