HE-400 VS HE400i VS Fidelio X2 (Need Input)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jmotyka, Feb 23, 2015.
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  1. jmotyka
    So im going to be purchasing a new setup. Ive always been an in ear monitor guy but could never find one that i "Loved" ive read alot of reviews between each of these headphones and it seem everyone loves all three. Im of bit of a bass head but i also enjoy clarity and detail, but what i hate is headphones that are too exciting. Now Im torn between these three and would like everyones input. If i get the hifimans i will most likely be modding them in the furture. 
  2. manbear
    I've owned both the 400 and 400i. I would strongly recommend the 400i. It is more detailed and refined than the old 400, which is probably too "exciting" in the treble. The bass is excellent but you may want to increase the quantity with EQ depending on how much of a basshead you are.
  3. jmotyka
    After a few peoples recommendation to order the HE-400i's, i went ahead and pressed the order button and overnight shipping. Im really excited about this purchase. This is my first jump into the Mid/High end headphone category. I hope im not disappointed.
  4. liraop

    The best or worst part is the initial experience. Open the box, hear the sound, feel its nuances... Well, good luck!
  5. jmotyka
    Amazon screwed up my order so i decided to cancel. I had ordered the 400's around lunch time EST and it clearly stated they would go out the same day and be delivered the next day( I do have Prime and did select next day delivery) and for some odd reason they never sent me an order confirmation nor a shipment notification when i had checked around 8pm. So i canceled and purchased a pair from a fellow head-fier and he also gave me a great deal for his AMP/DAC/Headphone Combo with a stand as a gift. So because of amazon i lucked out. Id like to personally thank ZanderWebb for his cooperation and for giving me a great deal.
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  6. chua004
    Did you get the HE-400 or HE-400i? I had a pair of HE-400s but the weight and comfort were just too much to get over. I hear the HE-400i is substantially lighter and more comfortable by the looks of it. 
  7. jmotyka
    I got the 400i. The older 400 had too many negatives for me. 1) I'm treble sensitive and the 400 is sibilant at times 2) comfort is horrible, from everything I read. So I chose the 400i. They will be in my hands today. I was going to have a listening session and post my impressions in the appropriate thread but I feel like **** today.
  8. DavidA
    I originally got the HE-400 about 18 months ago and really enjoyed it until I got my modi/magni setup.  This combo made the HE-400 a little to bight in the highs, best paring that I have for the HE-400 is a Teac AH-01 or using the built-in Realtek AL889 chip on the motherboard and using the line out to the Magni, much better low/bass and the highs become really smooth.  Like many I got the HE-400i since most reviews said it has much better highs but the bass is not quite like the HE-400, which is true, but the highs with the modi/magni setup was still too bright with the HE-400i even after I did the grill mod, see attached picture.
    I've since changed to a bifrost/lyr2 and this is a much better match for both the HE-400 and HE400i. 400i-mod.jpg
  9. jmotyka
    I figured out my bass problem was the DAC I was using. I was using the sound blaster e1 which really isn't meant to be used with android phones but works to an extent. I purchased a hifimediy android DAC and everything is improved especially the bass, I'm using schiit vali and plan on purchasing the fulla and vahalla next week. My problem is the only source I have is my phone. Which for now will the job just fine until I can figure out what I want to use as a source.
  10. VictorGG
    Im in the same boat... can anyone compare the HE400i to Fidelio X2?
    I really appreciate it! thanks
  11. strrstarrynight
    yea deciding between this 2 headphones too, it would be great if someone can give some insights on how the 2 compares to each other. 
  12. TJ Browning
  13. TJ Browning
    I just joined the site, but I own both the X2 and the 400i. Are you still looking for a comparison?
  14. liraop

    Go on, tiger. Information is never too much
  15. 520RanchBro

    The more impressions the better I feel!
    Still planning on upgrading from my 400 to the 400i, but I've also heard great things about the X2.
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