1. B

    Portable DAC/Amp for HD650 & HE4XX

    Hi, I have a HD650 and I just joined the drop for HE4XX. I mostly use my HD650 with my O2. I am not really sure whether O2 is driving 650s to its true potential. Recently I have been travelling a lot and been staying in hotels a lot. So carrying around O2, even though it is light, with it's...
  2. [No title]

    [No title]

    HiFiMAN HE-400i × Brainwavz Angled HM5 Pads - Suitable for Many Over-Ear Style Headphones × HIFIMAN FocusPad Leather Headphone Ear Pads for HE Series
  3. [No title]

    [No title]

    HiFiMAN HE-400i × Brainwavz Angled HM5 Pads - Suitable for Many Over-Ear Style Headphones × HIFIMAN FocusPad Leather Headphone Ear Pads for HE Series
  4. kawaivpc1

    HE-400i vs HE-500??

    Which unit sounds better to you guys?   It seems like HE-400i is a lighter and more comfortable unit. HE-500 has more positive reviews on its sound quality. Now, both unit costs the same. HE-500 is 499 dollars as used or open box and HE-400i retails for the same price.   Any ideas?
  5. jmotyka

    HE-400 VS HE400i VS Fidelio X2 (Need Input)

    So im going to be purchasing a new setup. Ive always been an in ear monitor guy but could never find one that i "Loved" ive read alot of reviews between each of these headphones and it seem everyone loves all three. Im of bit of a bass head but i also enjoy clarity and detail, but what i hate is...
  6. Huckle

    Sennheiser ie80 in full sized cans

    Hi guys, I've just listened carefully to all my headphones, and, sadly, my favorite tend to be the Sennheiser ie80... At least tonight. "Sadly", because I'm not really an in-ear guy...   So my question is simple : to you, in which full sized open cans will I find the ie80's sound signature ...
  7. eddypoon

    Hifiman: Terrible experience with RE-400i and the company's customer service

    Facts:    Bought a Hifiman RE-400i. The remote controller / volume controller is dead on arrival.    Raised a refund request, but Hifiman refused to compensate for all related shipping charges.    So now, I am penalized to pay, out of my pocket,  both shipping and return postage, totaling...
  8. JoeDoe

    New Planars Out of the Ukraine!

    Every once in a while, eBay turns up some interesting stuff. This month's most interesting find is a seller peddling handmade planars out of the Ukraine. He goes by Koval and offers a few different models ranging from ~$150 up to a pair that is no longer listed which was marked up around $600...
  9. q2klepto

    Anyone switch to Desktop Monitors/Speakers from Open Backed Headphones?

    I'm thinking of trying a good pair of Desktop Speakers or Monitors - to try and get the HE-400i sound (Warm tilting, neutral-ish with some sparkle) but with a much wider soundstage. I figure the best way to do that is with desktop monitors/speakers.    Seems like Audioengine A5+ is the goto...
  10. Klaista2k

    HE 400 or Sennheiser 600?

    I'm looking for headphones in the $300 - $400 range and the two options that have peaked my interest the most are the HE 400's and the Sennehiser 600's.   I'm really confused on which to get though.... A lot of people seem to really LOVE the HE 400's, but I've also seen a lot of negative...
  11. jordannn15

    Shure SRH1540 vs HiFiMan HE-400/400i/500

    I currently have the Shure SRH1540 and like the sound signature but was wondering if I am missing something. Everyone that I have heard says that planar magnetic bass is better than other dynamic cans. I was thinking about trying the he-400's but people say they have a V shaped frequency...
  12. NotaLefty

    Hifiman HE400i vs Fostex TH600

    Could anyone who has owned/heard both give me a cohesive comparison between the two? I currently own the 400i but want to possibly switch to the TH600.
  13. Xerber

    HE-400i.. or HE-400 at half the price

    OK, not really half the price, but €499 vs €299. :rolleyes: With the launch of the 400i's, a local online store has been offering the HE-400's at significantly reduced price. I've been going over countless of reviews online. From what I understand, the HE-400i's have been improved in terms of...
  14. ArtyFishal

    Is a Hifiman HE right for me, and if so, which one?

    I'm looking into getting a full size pair of headphones for home use, and what I've read about the HE-400 has me leaning in their direction, however I'd like to get some advice before I make the purchase. The qualities I'm looking to maximize are soundstage, imaging, instrument separation, and...
  15. jordannn15

    Headphone recommendations for under $600?

    I don't care if they are open or closed but I want to be able to drive them relatively easy. I listen to mostly hip-hop/rap so I want very good and powerful bass but don't want it to overpower the mids and highs. Other genres I listen to would be rock, r&b, and some pop I guess. I am also...
  16. JoeDoe

    New School vs Old School: A Comparison of the Hifiman HE400i and HE500

    After posting in numerous threads and blowing up numerous inboxes in an effort to get definitive answers, I took matters into my own hands. How does Hifiman's new HE400i stack up against the legend, the HE500?   It's well-known that the 400i's tuning does not follow in the footsteps of it's...
  17. jinxy245

    Newbie Impressions HiFiMan HE 400I

    I have not really written a headphone review before, but after participating in the HiFiMan HE400i touring event (basically, they lent the headphones to me for a while) I have decided to give it a go. Please forgive me if my thoughts are scattered, but I’ll do my best.   I should probably...
  18. Ekul61

    anyone own the he400 and have returned the he400i

    Just curious. .. I own the 400. And just received the 400i. First impression was.. the 400i is very clean and clear... but so far with only 2 hrs of listening. The 400 is a more fun sound.
  19. payj

    HE-560 With 901 DAP - Questions??

    Hello,   I was wondering if the above dap can push the above headphone to their full potential or if an additional amp would be required?
  20. Ekul61

    why buy the he-400i if u already own the he-400

    I have the he-400 and like them... but im always looking for something better. Anyone think of a upgrade to the he-400 Fiio x5. Schitt plus fiio e12. Test
  21. Ekul61

    buying a 2nd pair of $500 headphones?

    I have the he-400 hifiman...toying with the idea of buying the new he-400i......would you buy another hifiman or branch out into other manufacturers.
  22. MattTCG

    Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

      Just announced yesterday at CES with a few lines of info from Steve Guttenberg. I thought I might as well get the ball rolling. This one should be interesting.     HE 400i impressions:   Build Quality and Comfort   No matter how good the sound of a headphone, if you have a model that is...
  23. wes008

    Hifiman HE-400i and HE-560: From CES to Pre-Launch

    CURRENT:  The HE-560 is now available for pre-order!         The HE-400i is scheduled to launch in the coming month.     CLEANED-UP ORIGINAL:  HE-560 on the left, HE-400i on the right.  Both sport new headband designs, angled pads and connectors, rotation at the top of the...
  24. FullBright1

    Fostex TH500RP

    . Soundwise:   Warm lush mids. Slightly rolled off trebles, not that dissimilar to Audeze. Nice bass extension but not overextended into the "basshead" realm. The clarity, the balance, the extension on both ends is more then decent. As compared to HifiMan's 400i's, the bass response is a...
  25. HiFiMAN HE-400i

    HiFiMAN HE-400i

    Specifications: Driver Type: Planar Magnetic Impedance @ 1kHz: 35 ohms Sensitivity: 94 dB SPL/V THD+N: Isolation: Connector Type: 1/4" Cable Length: 2 m Cable Style: Straight Y Weight: 12.7 oz. Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year