Finding Distortion Source

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tunnelvision42, Dec 8, 2012.
  1. TunneLVisioN42
    I recently woke up one day and I could swear I noticed distortion that was not previously there on some of my tracks, everything is lossless but I know that does not absolve the recording or the track of guilt when it comes to distortion, its just it seems that there is more on songs I did not previously notice any if at all on, I also recently picked up a pair of HE-400's and switching between DT880's and the Hifimans it seems like it is noticeable on both but I am not 100% sure, so I am trying to find the trace the source.

    My current setup is Foobar WASAPI (push)>Powered USB>ODAC>O2>Headphones pretty simple, so I was wondering if anyone could share how they go about troubleshooting this if they have tried doing this before? I'm guessing I just go about isolating each component as a process of elimination?

    Also if anyone has a track they could share with me that is known for its crystal clear recording (or lack of distortion) so that I can be sure its not just my tracks I would be grateful.

    Hoping to learn a thing or two from anyone willing share.


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