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So many options I am so confused. Looking for headphones with good bass and over all great sound,

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by joshnurse, Aug 25, 2012.
  1. JoshNurse
    At first I wanted these 2 options beyerdynamic DT 990 and  Headphone HE-400 but some people say they are open and people will hear all of my music. I want great sounding headphones but at least a little isolation. Now I am thinking of the Denon AH-D400 which people say have a bit more of isolation. I will use my headphones for listening to electronic music with bass, beatles and just so many different genres but mainly Electronic Music.
    Help me make up my mind please. If you recommend one of the above please let me know the strong points or if you know of any other headphones please post them here.
  2. olegausany

    Stay away from D400 but if could stretch your budget D600 are what you looking for
  3. RushNerd
    The Denon D2000's are more akin to something like the Beyer DT990's. The Denon D400's almost the same price as D5000's which have wooden cups and are almost certainly prefered over the d400 (I don't think the new denon models have nearly the same value/quality as the Dx000 series).
    I had the DT990 (600ohm) for about a week before I returned them. Yes obviously they leak a lot but the soundstage and attack is pretty good, I didn't care for the way it handled the low-end however (though it does have pretty decent bass).
    I would strongly suggest you check out the Denon 2000's or 5000's if you are leaning that way, they are amazing headphones and can even be modded to your liking on top of being extremely comfy.
    The H-400's are Planars and a whole different beast, similar to D5000's.
  4. JoshNurse

    Will they have the same amount of bass as the d400's?
    Also will the D5000 also have good powerful rich bass?
  5. RushNerd
    I would think most people would say a big yes. I have only owned the D2000's without a proper amp most of the time, but those things have an impressive low end that contends directly with much spendier headphones in that department.
    If it's low end you are looking for, the old Denon line is one of your best bets.
  6. JoshNurse

    My budget is up to $600.
    I love how the wood in headphones looks.  Wow this looks so nice:
    Where do I get a wire upgrade like that?  Also do they have good isolation? Not sure if its called isolation but I might takes these headphones when I am shopping and dont want people to hear what I am listening to.
  7. olegausany
    D600 are closed so have very good isolation nobody hears what you listening to plus you can't hear people talking or phone ringing but you will hear subway trains or very noisy tracks. D5000/7000 are semi-open so you will hear people talking or phone ringing so they not good for outside use. To me D600 sound similar to D7000 but D7000 have more refined clarity and details while D600 has emphisized midbass but ONLY on some recording plus D5000 subbuss is deeper than D7000. So if you want to use them outside I would suggest D600 but if you need them for home use only I would suggest D7000
  8. RushNerd
    If you are driving them from a portable device un-amped though it wouldn't be a huge issue. But the cable on the dx000 is not suited for portable use. Upgrade cables are usually pricey, the one in the picture is at least $200.
  9. valerianaoff
    I was going to get the D400...and after what i read, I am so staying away from them !
    I think D7000 would be nice...
    D2000 are great - but they do leak sound...
    HE-400 are awesome...but...as u say, they are open back
    I would humbly even suggest the Ultrasone Pro 900...
    Actually, my top 2 keepers are Ultrasone Pro 900 and HE-400...for that price range :)
  10. JoshNurse
    I am getting either the fiio e17 or dragonfly.  I haven't made up my mind.
  11. Feldin
    Can someone tell me why to stay away from the denon ahd400 i think they look awesome and from what i hear they appere tly sound good. Appere tly very good for electronic music
  12. Scyy

    The D2/5/7000 don't have the best isolation out there. If you have them at a decent volume people near by very likely will hear it somewhat as they are closed but not sealed headphones.

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