1. doty

    Any IEM below $150 sounds close or identical to Sennheiser HD-25?

    As topic..TIA,
  2. sbrennt

    Can you paint Headphones?

    Hey everyone!  I just recently got a pair of HD-25s, and I love them to death.  I love them so much I might paint them.  (whether thats a labor of love or act of torture to my headphones, well...)     Anyways, I have seen people who paint 25's (customcans), but they have their price, and I...
  3. dshlapak

    Portable Amp for Senn HD25s

    Howdy. About to start traveling again, and need to get new portable headphones and possibly an amp. I think I've decided on the Sennheiser HD25-1 II 'phones (though I'm interested in other recommendations for on- or over-ears—not buds or IEMS— in that general price range or below), but am...
  4. Varoudis

    Amp for a low volume listener?

    Hi all,   I knew I was a low volume listener but I confirmed it with a SPL meter :P To be honest I wasnt sure. So my equipment and my question to you all: Test songs are Prodigy because they are loud and squashed with dynamic compressors. (extreme case) My usual songs are more soft/minimal...

    JVC S500, disapointed with all the Hype.

    Paid 70 usd with taxes and shipping fee (50 usd product + 14 usd shipping + taxes). I really don't think this is worth 70 usd. I would pay something like 30 USD plus shipping on them (compared to my other headphones).   My other headphones: Sennheiser HD-25 Creative Aurvana Live KSC-75...
  6. SrRaven

    Using my Sennheiser HD-25's with my Headphone Jack on my TV (static noise)

    Hello,   I own a pair of Sennheiser HD-25's and a bad,old,**** LCD TV. As I have roomies and more a night Person, if I play some Games I mostly try to listen to them with my Headphones on.   TV Headphone Jack > FiiO E11 > Sennheiser HD-25's.   Now that still leaves me with static...
  7. Craigster75

    In a zombie apocalypse, which headphone would you take with you and which would make the most effective weapon?

    The concept of this thread is inspired by The Walking Dead as I just watched last Sunday's premier and am a huge fan.   My one headphone for listening, assuming I had a way to charge my player, would be the Ultrasone Signature DJ- great sound, durable and closed to isolate groans of the undead...
  8. Gofre

    £400-£500 upgrade (or addition) to the Amperior?

    Hi everyone,   So yeah, I've decided to finally get around to selling the headphones I've accumulated over the last couple of years and streamline my portable rigs down to just a couple of pairs. With any luck I'll get around £400 from the pairs I'm letting go. I'd like to either spend that on...
  9. ekko

    Should I buy these HD25s used?

    So I found used HD25-1 II for 125e, like new, old few days, I think price is pretty good, and on the picture they look pretty original and real. What do you think, I think it is great oportunity.                  
  10. OmarSy

    Look what I found at a NBA game.

    Look what I found, It looks like some sort of HD25 With a microphone, it was pretty cool to see though!
  11. robodelfy

    Travelling, need headphones for electronic music production/mixing....narrowing it down!

    Hi guys   Im an electronic music producer making breaks, techno, house and the like.  I use KRK VXT8's in my studio and love them.   I am going to live in bangkok, and cant transport my monitors there, so Im looking for seom very good headphones.  I understand that no headphones will...
  12. robodelfy

    HD-25 fix for intermittent sound/cable problem...

    Hey guys   Just thought I'd share this as I've just done it to mine and it worked perfectly, and also 3 of my friends have used it on their HD-25's.   It seems its a pretty common problem, but  easily fixed with a bit of solder!   just be careful not to heat up the pins to much or it...
  13. CodyBanks

    Best full-sized headphones for trance w/ no price restrictions?

    Hello everyone!  I'm not a new audiophile and I've had a J3 and XB1000 rig for a while (yes I know, very muddy).  I'm new to these forums and am finally deciding to create different rigs for different EDM genres that I listen to.  I blow enough money on everything else, why not blow some cash on...
  14. MRiNiCK

    Need some help choosing new portable headphone

    So i came from a good share of earphones and could never get a good fit, went from v-moda vibe yeah i know it sucks TF10, Fischer DBA-02, RE-0,GR07, and now using 1964 T CIEM which i love the sound but with 3 refits from InEarz the fitting would never be GREAT. It was just Ok but i dealt with it...
  15. Agony

    Looking for Sub-$350 Headphones

    Heya,   So I decided to treat myself to a Christmas gift using the spare money I had been given/leftover from gifting, and it rounds to about $450. Basically I'm looking for open-backed headphones around or under the $350 range as I'm willing to wager that headphones around this area are...
  16. Tony6225

    New Sennheiser DJ Line - HD6 Mix, HD7 DJ & HD8 DJ

                Really excited about these. Cancelled my plans to order a new pair of cans which I shall not mention for the time being. They're going to be available by the end of this month but pricing information is unknown atm. What do you guys think?
  17. mmmpopfanatic

    Headphones with short cord

    Alright guys, I'm on a mission. I'm looking for a new pair of headphones for my Zen Micro. I'm looking for a decent pair of earbuds or clip-ons that have a shorter cord because I'm buying the remote and it's a pain to then have a huge amount of cord. Any ideas?
  18. moali125

    Looking for can that offers portability, fun sound, isolation, bass and around $200 max.

    Hey everyone, I'm somewhat new to Head-fi and have been looking round for something that would suit my jump into quality audio, and I feel like these three headphones have fit the bill for me.   Sennheiser HD-25 Audio Technica M50 V-Moda M80   I have spent many hours reading on all...
  19. ilikedonkeys39

    Headpones for my friend girl.

    She has about $130 for some over ear headphones, they should be comfortable, stylish!!! isolate well, and sound good for mainstream pop music, any suggestions?
  20. Tyg13

    Reasonable priced bassy headphones for travel

    I like to listen to a lot of electro, house, and sometimes heavier metal, and I like to listen to my tunes on the go or at school. I used to have a pair of folding Skullcandy headphones that did the job great, with a separate AA battery-powered unit for more punch on the bass, but recently I...
  21. Blanca

    Best Amp for Referencing with the Audeze LCD2 available to UK??

    Now I know Audeze LCD2 might not be the best headphones to choose for referencing as they may butter up my sound a little, I do use Beyerdynamic 770Pro, Sennheiser HD25 and my trusty ADAM Audio monitoring setup to A/B..C/D... on to get a nice rounded mean of all listening devices. I already...
  22. dangerzone9k

    I'm back!! Looking for over ear headphones < $300

    Hi all,   I previously bought SE215 IEMs and ended up returning them because they didn't work well for me.  Now, I'm looking to purchase over the ear headphones that do not require an amp.  Listed below is what I what in the headphones:   *Portable *Sound lsolation (this is important)...
  23. UriAvitan

    best on ear portable headphone for trance, rock and pop music? 200-300$

    for iphone,,,,, i think about the DT1350,,, there is a better option? very important that it will be small and comfort! regards, Uri
  24. vivalacarlo

    Headphones with good bass under $150?

    I already have the Sony mdr XB500s for 10 months now and i love them but now i want something with moderate bass. I also want something that is clear-er and that is fun to listen to.
  25. pokercem

    Hi-fi cans for rock and little bit dubstep

    Hey guys;   I am looking for hi-fi over ear closed headphones about 150$. Natural sound is important for me. As you see on the title i want for rock. It will be nice if it look good but not too important.    Thanks for advices.