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Best On Ear headphones for rock, metal and other rock genres.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jguido85, Mar 3, 2013.
  1. jguido85
    So, I'm driving myself crazy on trying to pick out headphones and the biggest problem is most of them are only online and I can't try them, So I'm counting on you!

    I listen to a lot of heavy music in the rock genre, but I also don't mind a little dubstep for fun and some older classic hip hop artists. So an all around good set of cans is what I really need. I want to feel the bass, but also not drown out the vocals either. I own a pair of V Moda cross fade lp, but I am looking for on ear cans that are overall easier to carry around and aren't huge. I've read up on grado's, AKG, and sennheiser and my brain hurts, so help me out here, I am open to everything.

    My price range is $250 or less. Also, I will be using a smartphone with these....
  2. Koerhijo
    Grado is a very hit-or-miss kind of headphones. I had the SR80i. I personally loved it for all genres of music, including dubstep and hip hop. While it doesn't have tons of bass, it does have a good sounding bass that definitely doesn't drown out the vocals. I'd highly recommend a Grado pair, as they don't need an amp to power.

    This is all assuming that open-back isn't a problem.
  3. jguido85
    What is everyone's opinion on Harmon Kardons CL set?
  4. jguido85
    open back is fine, I'm never in a situation where theres a lot of noise around me. Right now i am actually comparing the Harmon Kardon CL VS Bowers and Wikins P3. Any Opinions on these?
  5. Tsujigiri
    I used to have the Grado SR80i's, but eventually found them to be too harsh. Try the Beyerdynamic DT1350's or Sennheiser HD25's / Amperiors. B&W and Harman Kardon are more fashion oriented. They make some decent products, but you can get products that are functionally better for the price.
  6. GREQ
    Agreed. The P3 is quite over priced for the sound you get.
    Also all Grados are much better at low listening levels. Most people turn them up loud to compensate for the lack of bass, and end up hearing a ear-full of piercing treble. 
    The SR80i have excellent value for money.
  7. scuttle
    This is always going to be somewhat personal. The 2 phones that are probably the safest bets are the Grado 80 and the HD25-1-ii. The 25s are more portable and provide a lot of isolation; the Grados are open and so do provide virtually none. Take a look at reviews and choose - unless you get a chance to hear before buying there probably isn't any better way of doing it.
  8. Magicman74
    At your price point, Grado 225's  or you could go for the cheaper 80's.  I also recommend The Koss DJ100/TBSE, I really like these for Metal/Rock due to the speed. They have a very Grado like Guitar attack which A LOT of cans can't do very well. Plus they are dirt cheap.
    If in the US the TBSE,
    Or the DJ100
    With the TBSE you get a removable cord and a carry case, Not on the DJ100.
    Even tho these are basically the same phones they do sound different, Slightly.  The TBSE is brighter with less Bass punch, The DJ100 has more Bass and smoother treble.   So it really comes down to your taste?
    If you choose the DJ100, it's a must to change the pads to the ATH50 pads.  The stock pads aren't very good.  The M50 pads on the TBSE makes them too bright but on the DJ100 the added brightness is perfect.  It also makes the Bass even fuller sounding!!
  9. The Dan of Steel
    If you're going to go Grado I suggest the Allessandro MS1. I love it and listen to all kinds of music. From Dream Theater to Hadouken! It's not the best all arounder but with comfy pads I feel like it fits for most of my listening. And for $100 it's darn good. And if you find it used like I did for $65 that's even better.
  10. whirlwind
    For the music that you listen to, I would grab a Grado.
  11. jguido85
    Ok, these are all great suggestions. The P5 by b&w seem to get a lot of good reviews, but the grados are as well. I'm trying to find a set that sounds good, is portable, only has a cord on one side and looks good too.

    Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk 2
  12. Ishcabible
    I'm one of the few people that don't mind the P5, but even I wouldn't listen to energetic music with them. They're too relaxed-sounding for anything driven. I second the HD25/DJ100 recommendations. They're pretty trebly to my ears, which works well with rock and metal.
  13. Vlooienuker
    What about the Sennheiser 238/239? My personal favourite is the Sennheiser HD 25 though.
  14. GREQ
    Not on headfi. Here it's the opposite [​IMG]
    But I can understand some people would like them for their super-relaxed 'polite' sound.
  15. Flisker
    I don't have Grados yet, but CAL!s are pretty decent if u want to "feel" bass, buy "cheap" cans and use them with portable player. I use them sometimes in the gym, they are pretty light and isolation is great.
    Also they will be definitely good with dubstep. Not sure about Grados in this matter.
    ps: If you would decide to stretch your budget, HE-400 is incredibely good with every bass songs. Also rock/metal etc is great on them and they are not bad even from iPhone. As for me I mainly use HD650 for rock/metal stuff - mids are great on these but it's unlistenable from portable device :frowning2: you would need at least Magni&Modi or something like this.

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