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Which should i buy? (Please help me)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyatt barger, Dec 17, 2012.
  1. Wyatt Barger
    I am currently stuck on what headphones to buy. The two i am looking at are the Vmoda crossfade m80 and the Sennheiser hd 25 1-ii. I listen to all genres of music and these headphones will be for portable use. I have a fiio e7 so portable amping isnt a problem. I reallly need to know which of these two headphones are more comfortable and which of these provide a better, more fun listening experience. Please help me and thank you.
  2. Wyatt Barger
    I really need a opinion. I will also end up making the purchase sometime after christmas, so the two headphones will probably be the same price ($200) on amazon. Help me!!!!
  3. steelle
    Havent owned or heard the vmodas so I can't directly compare the two, but I can give you some insight on the HD 25s I own and love.  Easy to drive straight out of an ipod/iphone/etc, sound great with all types of music, extremely durable, great isolation.  I want to emphasize how durable these are - although they're made with a seemingly cheap plastic headband and cups, you can be 100% comfortable with throwing them inside your backpack and carting them to school/work/gym/wherever without worry.  I've had mine for around 4 years and they live in my backpack which gets tossed around every now and then running around campus, and they still sound flawless.  Comfort is great at first, but they sit directly on your ears and can make your ears sore after a few hours of continuous wear.  You'll be hard pressed to find a better headphone for ouside of the home listening.
  4. Wyatt Barger
    So how is the bass? i listen to alot of dubstep and electronica. I would like a very deep booming bass. well to word it better i just want an amazing bass sound.
  5. steelle
    id say 65% of my listening is electronic music and I've been completely satisfied with hd25s. definitely not a bass heavy headphone, but they still sound great, not thin or anything.  bass is just more punchy than booming and deep.  if EQing is an option for you, however they do sound great EQd to give more weight in the low end frequencies (bass)
    also: http://www.head-fi.org/t/634970/what-is-better-sennheiser-hd25-or-v-moda-m-80
  6. shiorisekine Contributor
    I have heard both the V-Moda M80's and the HD 25-II, and I personally, think that both headphones are all rounders however I do think that the M80s have a more boomy bass then the HD-25 II. You could however use the EQ on the E7 to give yourself a bit more bass with the HD-25 II. 
  7. tomb
    I bought my M80's during Black Friday, but I'm going to have to sell them.  I've always known that I have a big head [​IMG], but this was absolutely the first time I was unable to make a pair of headphones fit, and I've had a lot of headphones since 1970.  (Yes, I'm an old fart, too.)  Regardless, the V-Moda packaging is top-notch and it gives every impression of being worth 2X what you may pay for it.
    That said, what little I've heard from the bad fit doesn't convince me that it's better than HD-25's.  The HD25 II's are truly one of the classic phones on the market.  If a major manufacturer like Sennheiser simply tweaks it physically for an updated product (Amperior), it has to be fairly timeless.  IMHO, it ranks up there with Koss Pro4AA's, Sony V6's, etc., in terms of longevity.  Your kids will one day argue whether the HD25's are as good as future brand X.
  8. Wyatt Barger
    so which is more portable? im leaning towards the hd 25, but i really want good bass. I guess i could eq them to get more bass, but which is more portable.
  9. tomb
    MOAR BASS *sigh*
    They are both functionally equivalent as portables.  The V-Moda has a better case, but the Sennheiser is probably more rugged with a complete spare parts replaceability design.  (The Sennheiser is more rugged, IMHO, because it's essentially devoid of any metal that could permanently bend or dent.)
  10. Wyatt Barger
    So back to the original question, can anyone tell me which has "MOAR BASS"?
  11. Wyatt Barger
    By the way tomb i really appreciate your input. You've helped me out tremendously. 
  12. tomb
    Both the HD25's and M80's are in his top 6.  JMHO and my tastes are not the same as yours ... but I don't think the M80's are in the same class as the HD25's in sound quality.  I'm pretty sure I can hear a resonance in the cans and that turns me off instantly with closed headphones.  ljokerl ranks them higher than I would, but the packaging is seductive and may influence other factors.   [​IMG]
  13. kalbee
    Haven't has the chance to hear the M80's but they probably have more bass than the HD25.

    Both are rugged headphones that can take a fair amount of beating. The M80 does not fold, while the HD25's should have the earpiece and headbands that have some motion available to them.

    Though one thing is that some people do report the M80's to lack a bit in isolation. Probably not to a huge degree. The HD25's isolation is quite good IME.

    The M80 however can have customized shields for a bit extra. If you want custom colors/art on your headphones.

    As for the Amperiors... I don't find them to have as good value for the buck as the HD25-1ii
  14. Wyatt Barger
    Okay. Then bass aside, which sounds all around better? I though the bass would be really good on the hd 25's because they are supposed to be amazing dj headphones.
  15. shiorisekine Contributor
    I actually listened to the M-80's again today, and for some reason I felt as if they were very veiled in sound. It might have been just I'm no used to on ears but from what I remember of the HD-25 II, they were great all rounders. 

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