1. Bonobo

    First Custom IEM

    Unfortunately, my beloved Panasonic HJE900 have died. One channel doesn't work anymore. I've always had an eye on a custom IEM, but the search is difficult when you can't demo one. I liked the hje900 a lot as I said. Much better than the Klipsch S4 which went before it. I also have the Yamaha...
  2. slash

    1964 DeafEars near complete lack of customer service...

    Well, where to start.   1964 Ears is laughable, that is my experience, let me explain before I shut the door today.  This thread will hopefully prevent someone from having a similar experience.   I attempted to contact them for a demo Mid December by phone and eMail, (tomorrow is...
  3. JackRabbitSlims

    SINGAPORE:- Apart from JABEN in Singapore, can anyone suggest some other stores to visit for good IEM selection?

    Hi,   I'll be in Sing for a few days in early April. I will head along to Adelphi and visit the Jaben store, but just wondering if there are any other good / great stores in Sing to visit?   I will be staying in the Orchard Road area ( Close, Bencoolen St) and very familiar with the MRT...
  4. intoko

    Looking for advice: TF10 remolding, InEarZ or UM (cable will be Arete cable null audio)

    I have had my TF10's since the first amazon lightning deal. I discovered head-fi about the same time. So I have been using them for a few years now.  I finally decided to spring for the Arete cable from Null Audio (will be here in 7-14 days), I have been using (and replacing) stock cables...
  5. fantasista

    UE Triplefi 10 - clarification

    Hi, my UE TF 10 is damaged. The blue component, where the drivers are at, detached from the rest of the earpiece. This caused the wires to disconnect from the cable permanently. Since this is physical damage, it is impossible to exchange for new UE even with warranty.   My question is, will...
  6. MattDGD


    I want a pair of Custom IEM's and i really need help with what brand to choose, is 1964any good  my price range is 600 and under, i would like 3 or 4 armature drivers! Help please:)
  7. levonhelm

    Earmolds or reshell ?

    Hi    I really like my westone 4 but i would like they would be more confortable and with a permanent good fit   so i would like to know what will be the better solution between a reshelling and some earmolds.   the earmolds can give me a possibility to change my IEM not the...
  8. Sanotter

    Custom or not to custom, that is the question!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some new iem's but was wondering if these: http://www.minerva-hearingprotection.co.uk/mi-1-custom-headphones.html are worth the price tag or if universal iem's (such as the ue triple fi) would sound noticeably better? The problem is I need to be able to wear these for a...
  9. tdweis

    1964-SLV Universal IEM Custom Sleeves

    I have searched the threads for this subject but only found 1 previous short thread from last year.   I am considering various IEM purchases of one or more of the following:   JVC HA-FXT90 Vsonic GR07 HifiMan RE-262 Fischer Audio DBA-02 mkII   I live in NYC & ride the subway...
  10. jolness

    Custom IEM reshell Reccomendations?

    I purchased a pair of livewire IEMs back in 2009 (I believe, I am not 100% sure). They never fit correctly even after livewire trying to fix them 3 times, and I got busy with other things in life and "misplaced" my livewires in a box when I moved and just recently found them. They still don't...
  11. Zeusy82

    Alien Ears vs 1964 Ears

    Hi all, what an awesome forum this is. So much knowledge around.  Anyway, I'm in the market for some custom iems and have been researching all over the Internet. My budget has rounded it down to Alien Ears and 1964 Ears. Being that I've never used custom iems before, I'm not sure whether I...
  12. The-One

    reshelling / remolding custom iems?

    I currently have both the ACS T1 & T2 custom iems, both of them older versions without the detachable cables that now come as standard in the latest Rev 05/12. I was thinking about selling one pair to free up cash since I don't really use them both and I do know in recent years people have...
  13. GNR93

    1964 ears

    Hello   i see the 1964 ears single driver and i like them, but where buy ??
  14. qing

    Where can I get custom earmolds for Etymotic ER4

    I'm looking for possible places ( online dealers or CIEM companies ) which makes custom earmolds for IEMs.   I don't really want to reshell them as I've ordered the HeirAudio8A and I want my ER4 to have a custom earmold so that I can go back to them as and when, but still have the option of...
  15. traced

    Info needed: 1964 Ears cable compatibility with UM sockets

    So I'm cheap and in need of a cable for a UM remold. I emailed the guys at 1964 Ears and they said their standard cable is compatible with their recessed sockets.   My question is whether said cable will work with a UM remold with recessed sockets. Are recessed sockets standardized across...
  16. pjvs

    Reshell UE10-Pro - Europe/USA

    Dear Head-Fi'ers,    I am looking for a company who can reshell a UE10-Pro (second hand), preferably in Europe, or otherwise in the USA? -- Does anyone have any experience with this, will I loose any quality?    Thank you for your help and support.    All the best,    PJVS
  17. jjacq

    Best place for reshelling? USA?

    Hello, I recently bought myself a pair of UE-10(Ultimate Ears) and I need to get them reshelled. The seller has indicated that Unique Melody reshells them but I didn't realized that they are in Australia. Is there a good/reputable company here in the states that you guys may recommend? I'm...
  18. MC LeBron 23

    Questions on Reshelling IEMs.

    Hello, Its been a while since I last visited the forum.   Anyway, I've been luking around the forums seeing what people suggeest for a good IEM for rap/hip hop. I pretty much picked the UE TF10. It seemed to be the best for my needs (bass) without disorting the clarity of the vocals. They...
  19. Davienr

    Custom In-Ear Monitors (First Time Buyer)

    Hey guys,   Im interested in buying some custom in ear monitors and was wondering if you could offer some reccomendations.   My budget is around $700 or so.   I have been looking at the 1964-Q's and they look pretty decent, but any feedback/advice is appreciated.   Thanks.
  20. Samehada

    500€ Budget: Custom or Universals ?

    Hello people,   iam checkin various reviews and equal topics for quite some time now and cant really decide on my next step. As the title says iam kinda lookin forward to buy some new IEMs while having a budget of 500€(+100max)   Products that caught my interest are Customs from...
  21. cue003

    Will Westone UM56 or Etymotic Custom ear molds fit Atrio M5

    does anyone know if the westone um56 or the custom molds offered by Etymotic fits the atrio m5? I just got the M5/MG7 with the new driver and am not happy with any of the plugs that are included with the package and don't really feel like buying tons of different tips to try out. So if anyone...
  22. Noykrub

    1964 ears recessed socket with TWag v2 cable

    I have some questions as following:   1. Anyone use 1964 ears recessed socket with TWag v2 cable from whiplash audio?   2. The recessed socket from 1964 ears can work with TWag v2 cable without the problem right?   If anyone know please suggest to me. Thanks  
  23. ilikepooters

    WORST headphone you ever heard?

    I know we strive for the best in sound quality, but in looking for that alot of people around here must have come across some of the worst sounding equipment too.   iPod earbuds don't count, or the Dre Beats, they're too commercial, and that dead old horse has been flogged and turned into...
  24. Br777

    Share tips for "Custom Mold IEM" first timers here!

    I am about to get my first pair of custom molded IEM's.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been a little nervous about making sure they are done right.. the first time... and since so many people seem to have to get their Custom IEM's refit, or adjusted, I thought it might be helpful to...
  25. ZarakiSan

    Broken UE-11's in the Netherlands - repairing options?

    So I had a very bad, rather gut-wretching accident with my UE-11's today... They fell on a tile floor and one of the shells shattered. The drivers seem to be fine and the cabling even looks to be intact.   Obviously I want to repair (which I guess means reshell) them...   Cutting to the...