1964 DeafEars near complete lack of customer service...
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Feb 3, 2008
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Feb 3, 2008
Well, where to start.
1964 Ears is laughable, that is my experience, let me explain before I shut the door today.  This thread will hopefully prevent someone from having a similar experience.
I attempted to contact them for a demo Mid December by phone and eMail, (tomorrow is February) weeks went by until I received an apology from Alex in Marketing and Sales saying he would arrange a Demo.  That was after my original phone call went unreturned, with a further two week eMail response delay.  I was actually pleased with their eMail contact, hey maybe they are able and willing.  I then decided to place an order rather than wait for the demo, they seemed real at this point.  So, I had my impressions made and as advised I sent photos as instructed, they said they would advise if the impressions were acceptable.  Well, since January 10th, nothing, nada, zilch, from the eMail I sent to the attention of Alex Polyakov in S&M, zero response as of today the end of January and my patience for a company who rely upon service, because after all it is all about CUSTOM, no off the shelf.
Seems to me the company is too busy or too disorganized to deal with buyers.  As of today I will not follow through to purchase because I am concerned that not only do they not respond to requests, 1964 DeafEars likely will have many other delays as many other frustrated potential CIEM buyers have written about here on the Head-Fi "1964 DeafEars Appreciation Thread" HA!  I figure when and or if there is a problem with the product they likely will not effectively deal with it.  
Let's face it, if they have already taken your money and spent it, the rest simply chews into their profit.  NO, this company has had 7 weeks to reasonably respond with only delays and silence, other than the noted return eMail response from S&M.
Good luck to anyone choosing to buy this product, I can certainly advise there is no service!  Beware of 1964 DeafEars, I vote NO!
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