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Great In Ear Headphone Under $50

  1. The AudioPhile
    After deciding to dump the choice of the ath m50, and instead going to buying a combo of the aurvana live and a $50 or less earphone, i thought this is a better choice since i have a chance to get the best of both worlds, and also, take earphones to the gym.
    All I can tell u about my choice is that i favor bass, i like to get pumped up and hyped, which explains my earlier choice of the ath m50 , I know theres alot of diffrences between a full size headset an an earphone, but still i'd love to have an in ear headphone with Great bass quantity, tho not affecting the clarity and the vocals, basically, the ''ath m50 of earphones''  
    P.S: I listen to songs like ''Imagine Dragons Radio Active'', and others like ''One Republic Appologize'', If there isn't  a right mix between the two genres of songs (Vocals and Bass) I'd Favor bass. 
  2. wafflezz
    I have the she3580(or one of those variants anyways). It has a very powerful bass and a "fun" sound signature to it. Not the most revealing IEM in the world but I wouldn't call it veiled.

    I liked it a lot. Almost as good as my m50, but lacked neutrality 
    Can't hurt to get a pair. They're like 5$ although I got ripped off and paid 15
  3. Origin89
    The Klipsch S4 is on sale for $47 on Amazon. You're not going to find anything mind-blowing at that price range, but those are a pretty decent and bass-heavy earphone for that price. The Philips SHE3580 is also pretty solid for the price. I think I remember them actually sounding better than the Klipsch, and you can get the Philips for around $10, haha. 
  4. ScaryFatKidGT
    CAL!'s are under $80 on amazon if that expands your IEM budget

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