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Best value IEM's for 50$ ?

  1. Mrx1
    i recently signed up to the site after a while that I was going through the threads here, great forum.
    anyway, i'm looking for a pair of an IEM's, i'm going to use it most of the time at the gym but for other places too, so it's important for them to stay in the ear well.
    i'm listening to metal, rock, dubstep and electronic music. bass is important, i'm not saying that I look for 100% bass IEM, but I want to feel it.
    will be using them with Sansa Clip+.
    what would fit the most for my requirments?
    *I looked up the big IEM review but there is a huge variety, so i don't know which one to pick up [​IMG]
  2. Mrx1
    Sorry for the bump but I need it soon as possible.
  3. Berkovajazz
    Yuin PK3
  4. D K A
    Klipsch S4 or Senheiser CX300
  5. Mrx1

    Saw these and thought I might get something else, am I right?
    How would they work with the type of music I wrote before?
    Some people recomended me to take Vsonic GR06, how are those for the kind of music I'm listening to ?
  6. KorkiPoo
    Vsonic GR06 is mainly focused on mids (The mids are fantastic on the Vsonic GR06). You can still feel the bass aswell and treble is decent. However the build quality might is kinda bad but it might be different for you. My Vsonic GR06 broke 2 times within a year and it was because of driver failure so I couldn't have done anything to prevent it. You should check out the Brainwavz/Visang M2.
  7. Mrx1
    The M2's are better for the kind of music I stated before?
    Are there any more options? I just want to have a variety off options from whom I will be able to choose.
  8. Mrx1
    Can someone please help me? I need to know what to order...
  9. KorkiPoo
    If I were you I'd just try out the Vsonic GR06. They're good for what you listen to. Buy them. You might have way more luck than me with the build quality on them.
  10. D K A
    CX-300 II will give you much bass
  11. KorkiPoo
    Don't get the CX300, they're very overpriced and the chance that you might get a fake pair of them is high. The sound on the genuine CX300 is pretty mediocre aswell, heavily colored, booming bass, hollow sound, okay clarity, ...
  12. D K A

    Yes but it will give the sound preferences the op want, if op want under 100 of course it will be different
  13. NebraskaX24
    I've had a few iem's in this price bracket. Brainwavz M1 and M5, MeElectric ceramics (forget model number), sony xba-1's, a few other random iems as well.
    My favorite < $50 iem is the Brainwavz M5. They are built well, fun sounding with plenty of bass. The bass is also aided by comply tips, a nice extra included with the M5's. 
  14. JK1
    The Yuin PK3 is traditional earbuds, not an IEM.
    The Sennheiser MX300 is not worth the price. The CX300II is said to be very similar. I have the CX300 and don't use it much anymore.
    In the under $25 range I like the Panasonic RPHJE450, JVC HAFX40 and Panasonic RPHJE355. Imo all these are better than the CX300 and cheaper. I use these with my Clip+ and Clip Zip. The HAFX40 has the most detail, however it is quite bright. It needs plenty of burn in. Let it play 24 hours a day slightly loud for a week before using it. It also has good bass. I am starting to get more used to the Sony MDR-EX210. It has 13.5mm drivers and strong bass. Sony describes it sound as rich. I describe it as thick and slow. It is quite pleasant to listen to, but compared to the others I mentioned it seems to be missing detail. It does have a very laid back smoothness to it. I guess I am getting used to it.
    I like the fit and the comfort of the very ergonomically shaped Panasonic RP-HJE450. It has 12.5 mm drivers, nice bass slam and good detail, but not as much detail as the HAFX40 or HJE355. It is the IEM that I use the most. It is ported though, so isolation isn't so great.
    The HJE355 has less overall detail than the HAFX40, however the HJE355 seems to have a much better midrange and is slightly warm. The HAFX40 is very bright and has a U shaped response.
  15. Mrx1
    I'm really interested in the M5's,
    What music are you listening to?
    Are they good for rock, metal, trance, rap? I like punchy bass but I want to hear something besides wubwubwub, should I get them?

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