1. leokennis

    Seeking an earbud upgrade to the Apple EarPods

    Hello,   For my office, I need a pair of earbuds that still allow me to hear my colleagues, my phone ringing etc. So IEM's are out of the question. Big headphones are also a no go; they are simply too large for that environment.   So not too long ago I purchased a set of Apple EarBuds...
  2. Mrx1

    Best value IEM's for 50$ ?

    hi, i recently signed up to the site after a while that I was going through the threads here, great forum. anyway, i'm looking for a pair of an IEM's, i'm going to use it most of the time at the gym but for other places too, so it's important for them to stay in the ear well. i'm listening...
  3. Question2

    DIY Yuin PK3s - Failed about a few months, seller (dasetn) now refuses to reply

    I purchased a pair of DIY PK3s from dasetn last year and was initially impressed with the sound quality which i thought was at least as good as the original Yuins, if not better. I thought they were great value, but they failed after a few months and i messaged dasetn asking about repair options...
  4. willy156

    Need an in earphone that sounds similar to Yuin Pk3 ? Preferably under $60

    Hi guys, first time posting on head-fi.org I do not know much about audio, but my friend recommended my Yuin Pk3s and I absolutely love the sound of them. Now I want to find an in ear earphone that sounds similar/better to the yuin pk3s for under maybe $60? Btw I live in Canada. Thank you
  5. othecitylights

    Yuin pk3s still relevant? With FiiO E02i?

    Hey I'm kind of new to this whole headphone thing. I currently have skull candy aviators which i think are pretty great (despite all the sc hating) but im looking for a cheaper pair of running headphones that are still audiophile quality. I was wondering if the pk3 is still a good earbud for the...
  6. MrVinny1113

    Looking for non noise-cancelling earphones under $50

    I am a headphone user and my brother asked me to find him a pair of earphones for under $50   I got him several options but he rejected all of them because they were in-ear noise-cancelling headphones   He wants something like those apple earbuds that don't really go that deep inside the...
  7. aamefford

    FS: Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs and Yuin PK3's

    I have a pair of Yuin PK3's for sale.  Let's call them good condition.    These will come with the plastic film canister case, but not the original box.  $25.00 shipped in a small USPS priority box, I'll cover shipping, buyer please cover paypal fees or use the gift option.   No pictures...
  8. trollin863

    rockbox and my 160 gb ipod classic, w/ yuin pk3

    I recently discovered this board while looking for earbuds.... and while I was at this forum also found out about rockbox. So after getting an ipod as a gift, I used the reviews here etc to get an upgraded set of earphones... Well decided on the yuin pk3... and i actually just got them in the...
  9. pursuant

    PK3 IEMs

    I use PK3 and have had good luck with them. The price is right but they won't stay in my ears. I am looking for an IEm with similar sound qualities. I have a high frequency hearing loss so something that will compensate for this is a necessity , crisp, and clear. Bass not a big deal for me. I...
  10. oldschool

    FS: YUIN PK3

    Used for about 2 months. Excellent condition, only the gold plug has gotten a bit darker. Will throw in a new Neutrik Cryo straight plug with them. Comes with the plastic cylinder box and all the ear cushions.   SOLD
  11. Duxxy

    Wanted: Multiple PK3 repair

    I have 2 yuin Pk3's with what i believe to be a 3.5mm plug issue. Looking for anyone with experience replacing plugs to repair both - in the future there will probably be a third as i still have one that has not broken.
  12. Charlesbian

    Yuin Pk3's still the best bang for the buck?

    I'm in the market, like so many others, for budget head/ear/IEMs. Based on what I've read here, I'm split between the Pk3's, pl30's, and brainwavez's proalpha and m1's. Meeelectronics m6 are also an option, but I dont like the over the ear feature, so maybe m9's instead. I'm curious to know if...
  13. Lcasei84

    W3 Shell, um1 and pk3 Drivers

    I need some of these 3 thing Westone 3 ( 2 or 1 as weel) right Shell, um1 and pk3 Drivers. Make an offer
  14. Brandon7s

    Want to upgrade from Yuin PK3, but don't want to use an amp!

    I have a pair of YUIN PK3's that I've been using for the last 2 years or so. I REALLY like them, overall. Incredibly comfortable. I can't imagine finding headphones of any kind that are more comfortable. FUN sounding, and I find that I can listen to everything and anything on them, from house to...
  15. bik2101

    PK3 and Meelec M6

    Just clearing out some earphones not being used. Prices include shipping. But you must send Paypal as GIFT or pay the 3.5% fees.    PK3's were shortened and reterminated with a mini plug from Neutrik. It is now 3 feet long. I'll include a few extra sets of foamies. $15   Meelec M6...
  16. VTAb182

    Earbuds in MX580/Pk3 range, but w/ no volume control and a Y-cord?

    I'm looking for a pair of earbuds (non-isolation) that are in the same range as the Senn MX580's or the Yuin Pk3's, but that don't have an in-line volume control nor a J-cord: just a basic, symmetrical Y-cord. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!  
  17. mantaray

    Alternative to Yuin PK3?

    Hi all,   I've just broken my 2nd set of PK3's... I *love* these earbuds but I've had severe issues with cable quality :(   Before I order my 3rd set, I just want to check if there are any comparable alternatives around the price? I got rather sick of the Y-cable too, so if there's...
  18. Woody469

    Yuin PK3 (SOLD)

    Perfect pair of Yuin PK3's complete with box etc   Can provide pictures if interested.   $25.00 shipped     USA only
  19. chrislangley4253

    Yuin PK3 (or something similar)

    Looking for a decent pair of Yuin PK3's or something like them (Crossroads HR2, Sunrise AS-Feeling, maybe some other earbud?) to replace the stock sansa buds that I use for mountainbiking. Send me a PM if you have something you think I might be interested in for a good price :)   Thanks  ...
  20. Pangaea

    FS: Like New Yuin PK3 (US only)

    This ad is now closed/ sold.   Shipping in CONUS only.   Thanks for looking, please see all my positive feedback in the archives.
  21. fallingreason

    FS: Yuin PK3

    Selling off some gear to make room for a long-awaited upgrade to my home desktop rig.   I purchased these about 1 year ago with the intent of gifting them to my sister, but ended up giving her a pair of IEM's instead.  I kept these for myself but rarely used them.  I would say they have 30...
  22. chrislangley4253

    WTT Fostex T50RP's/Grado SR80i/Yuin PK3 for Senn HD598's(might take other offers)

    Hey there,   Just got to listen to some hd595's and I have decided I'd like a pair of sennheisers. ideally I'd like to trade a pair of headphones for them.   I'd like for them to be fairly new.. with no cracks. But, I'm willing to look at older pairs too. Maybe even some hd 595's if that...
  23. navmau

    WTB: Yuin PK3 earphones

    I am after a pair of Yuin PK3 earphones if anyone has a pair.   I can get them new for $33 shipped to me, please consider that for your offer. I am hoping to get one cheaper as I have never tried a pair of earbuds apart from apple ipod ones, not sure if I will like them or if they will be...
  24. kibenkulot


    asking if someone can help me differ IEM'S to PK3? im about to buy the PK3 <IM LISTENING TO ROCK MUSIC> am i in the right path?! buying the PK3 than the IEM'S?    BUDGET: 40$ below   GENRE: Rock music    PLEASE HELP ME!! is AMAZON also RELIABLE im from the phillipines tnx!