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Alternative to Yuin PK3?

  1. mantaray
    Hi all,
    I've just broken my 2nd set of PK3's... I *love* these earbuds but I've had severe issues with cable quality :frowning2:
    Before I order my 3rd set, I just want to check if there are any comparable alternatives around the price? I got rather sick of the Y-cable too, so if there's something more ergonomic I'd love to hear about it.
    I'd be willing to live with slightly less amazing sound quality, I just want the things to be a little durable!

    Alternatively, does anyone know a company that can rewire your headphones onto a new cable?! I don't really want to resolder the plugs as the only connectors you tend to get is heavy metal plugs.
    Thanks for any help :)
  2. DaBomb77766
  3. mantaray
    DaBomb77766 - thanks! The Sennheiser MX880 looks like a contender. Not perfect, but then again neither is the PK3! It's a shame the 9wave plastic version isn't yet released... think I'll check those out anyway when they come out.
    btw - dig the avatar... that series is awesome!
  4. DaBomb77766


    No problem, I'm glad to help!
    Haha, mushi-shi is awesome.  One of my favourite series ever, I must say - it's great that at least someone can actually recognize it. :p
  5. kanuka
    how the mx471 compare to the pk3?
  6. kanuka
    how the mx471 compare to the pk3?
  7. mantaray
    Don't know, I never tried them. I got the MX580 because I wanted to try the quality of Sennheiser phones before spending big bucks on MX880 etc for portable use. I'm glad I did, because I am severely unimpressed. MX580 sounds plastic, bland and totally lacking in vividness compared to the cheapest Yuin. With PK3, music is involving and exciting. With MX580, it's flat and dead. Right now I'm thinking of going back to Yuin and using a cable extension to reduce stress on the (terrible) Yuin cable.

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