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Looking for non noise-cancelling earphones under $50

  1. MrVinny1113
    I am a headphone user and my brother asked me to find him a pair of earphones for under $50
    I got him several options but he rejected all of them because they were in-ear noise-cancelling headphones
    He wants something like those apple earbuds that don't really go that deep inside the ear.

    Anybody have a recommendations for something under $50 that fits that category?
  2. Koolpep
    Yuin PK3
    Sennheiser MX365
    Blue Ever Blue Model 328R
    AKG K318
    All below $50 and have ok sound.
    However, generally they are not good for your hearing as you have to crank them up much more than in-ears as they don't isolate much. Be reasonable with the volume. (Just saying)...
  3. jant71
    Sony STH30
  4. Topazus
    What are your thoughts about the Sennheiser MX365? There is hardly anything written about them on head fi. They are very cheap. Any reason to hope these aren't disposable crap like the cheap TDK and such?

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