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MX 580 after PK3?

  1. avian304
    I recently bought a pair of PK3's from a store, and have been really, really impressed with them. However, I did find the earbuds to be a little to mid heavy. Should I move on to the 580's or will the difference be not worth the cost? (I live in Thailand, and thus I buy from a specialty store that has to import them, cost me nearly 40 bucks for the pk3, 580 is around the same).
    My options are this:
    1. Buy the 580's gift the PK3's to my mother or something.
    2. Use the PK3's until I get enough money to buy the 980's or better.
    I read that the 580's were just lesser versions of the PK1. Is this true?
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    I won't describe MX580 to be a 'lesser PK1'. They don't sound alike in my book. MX580 is far more treble happy.

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