rockbox and my 160 gb ipod classic, w/ yuin pk3
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Mar 25, 2013
I recently discovered this board while looking for earbuds.... and while I was at this forum also found out about rockbox. So after getting an ipod as a gift, I used the reviews here etc to get an upgraded set of earphones... Well decided on the yuin pk3... and i actually just got them in the mail and they are definitely louder than the apple earbuds, but I want to ask the community if anyone here has the same setup ?

1)ipod classic(rockboxed)
2)yuin pk3 earbuds
3) no amplification

cuz the highs hit really hard actually had some ear ringing for about 20 mins but can anyone with rockbox tell me what sound settings to use to achieve punchy bass but without sounding farty? also the high notes are alittle dominant is there any settings to bring out more midrange?

im wondering what would be good for mainly rap music primarly

there are so many settings and im confused, i would like the most from the pk3 after reading folks raving about them here.

Settings reccomendations?

Bass: I have on -4.5 db ?
Bass Cutoff: I have on 4?
Treble is on 7.5 db?
Treble Cutoff is on 1?
Balance is at 0 % im assuming that means equal to each left and right
Channel Config is on Stereo
Stereo Width 100 %?
Crossfeed: yes
direct gain -6.0db?
cross gain -12.0db?
high frequency attenuation -24.0db?
high frequency cutoff 2000 hz?
enable eq: yes
graphical eq: LS - 4.5 db @ 60hz 0.7q ?
PK1 - 1.0 db @ 200hz 1.0q ?
PK2 - 1.5db @ 800hz 1.0q ?
PK3 - 3.0db@ 4000hz 1.0q ?
HS - 2.0db @ 12000hz 0.7q ?
precut: -4.5 db?
simple eq settings: 60hz - 5db?
200hz - 1.0 db?
800 hz 1.5 db?
4000 hz - 3db?
12000 hz - 2db?
advanced eq settings:
Low shelf filter cutoff frequency: 60 hz
q: 0.7
gain: 5db
peak filter 1:
centre frequency: 200 hz
q: 1.0
gain: 1.0db
peak filter 2:
centre frequency : 800 hz
q - 1.0
gain - 1.5 db
peak filter 3:
centre frequency: 4000 hz
q: 1.0
high shelf filter: cutoff frequency: 12000 hz
q: 0.7
gain: 2.0 db

Dithering, Timestretch, and compressor should all be on their defaults

btw, if someone can also tell me how to reset all sound settings to their defaults thatd be great....
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 20, 2004
A treble boost +7.5db and a bass cut at -4.5db would DEFINITELY cause ringing in my ears too, especially with the PK3 which like all the yuin earbuds is kind of bass-light, especially used as a portable. Not familiar with that setup, but if it were me I would start with all EQ settings flat, and gradually cut midrange frequencies (2000-5000Hz) a db at a time.
As far as EQ goes, the "q" figure is the slope of the boost / cut, and IIRC lower numbers usually indicate a more broad slope.  While higher numbers indicate a steeper more "pointy" slope.  So a midrange boost at say 2000Hz, with a higher "q" setting will not boost adjacent frequencies as much.
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Mar 25, 2013
Makes sense with the Q and gradually adding dbs.... think I got it set pretty well now, not perfect sounding but the pk3 is definitely a major improvement over apples buds. The highs sound really good, and the bass isnt quaking by no means but i got it sounding clean at least....

thanks kramer for the tips =)

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