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Decent earbuds needed (PK3 maybe?)

  1. w33nie
    I am looking for a nice set of earbuds, not IEMs since I need to be aware of outside sounds. A pair that doesn't leak too much sound would be preferable 
    I've been looking at the Yuin PK3s as I know they were very popular years ago but I haven't been around on audiophile websites in years. Are they still considered solid or are there better alternatives?
  2. Lourdes
    The trouble with the Yuin's is that they break very easily. I got some MX880's to replace them, amazing sound but crap fit, then MX580's (HUGE volume control) before settling on MX471's which have lasted two years and lots of sport+sweat.
    I have some EarPods as well now, great bass but sound a bit 'tinny' and sibilant.
  3. w33nie
    I have actually read mixed comments on the durability of Yuin PK3s 
  4. Wokei

    Maybe you can try looking at ebay for DIY Yuin ... I have 2 set and it has lasted almost 2 years and sound even better than the original. I think the seller is joco ..cheers.

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