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Requirements are clear. Please recommend me an IEM.

  1. canzz
    I dont want take lot of time of yours. I will just be clear. 
    - suitable for electronic music
    - have powerfull bass
    - loud volume
    - around 100 bucks
    - has iphone control
    - below 150
  2. TwinQY
    Those...aren't as specific criteria as you might think. What kind of powerful bass? Impact? Texture? Extension/bunch of subbass? Loud volume? As in sensitive and easy to drive? God forbid you've been using IEMs full-volume all the time and still find them to be quiet. Any other requirements other than bass? Midrange, treble, staging, etc? What about comfort, or isolation, or even build? Availability of stores/amazon, etc?
    Also - http://www.head-fi.org/t/596233/buying-portable-or-in-ear-headphones-seeking-guidance-dont-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here
  3. Sylaw
    Ur simple options are  Klipsch X10 , Shure 215 , Monster Turbine , Sony XBA 3 , UE Tf10 ( if ur luck to find them at this price point ) Klipsch S4 ........  These will be the best picks that u can get under 150 -100$ budget... 
  4. Sylaw
    hey TwinQY do not push the new guy much.... chek his status... he just joined headfi......  he simply says that he need a mainstream sounding IEM with a Good low frequency response...  since he mentioned EDM music u can take a wild guess that he prefers a 'U' shape Signature....   Basically a good mainstream IEM with decent mids and probably better highs... :p
  5. TwinQY
    Rather I didn't push him enough, I could've made him post his entire library [​IMG]
    Does sound like the FXD80s (especially for EDM), FXT90s, FXZ100s, CKS99s though.
    It's just not very nice when people don't use the main rec thread (even though nobody but me goes to help there - hopefully will change) or even the multi-IEM thread for questions. Or not being specific enough. Can't force them but isn't that the point of making a recommendations thread?
  6. Sylaw
    Hands down and agree...  But U are a Red Villain  ain't u.. :p  i get it... but u see new people think that thread is nothing but like a Public Lavatory... since they dont understand anything due to so much posts and  Cross Conversations.. Kinda Sad from his side as well,,, i know this cuz my Sis said the same thin when i told her to ask it out on Rooky thread.. but Ikokers reviews seems pretty sturdy and very well organized... lol   SO mr. op Go look the jokers thread.... TwinQY wont be nice to you next time.. hehe 
  7. canzz
    Thanks for the replies and "friendly" approach [​IMG]
    Even I dont like people to ask without doing any research. Actually I researched a lot and the reason I have registered to this forum is the Multi IEM review :) I have checked there and wanted a EPH100 but its a littlebit pricey, hard to find (i think discontinued). Looking for other options.
    I dont specifically know what kind of bass do I want. I mostly listen Uplifting, Hard Trance maybe that might give an idea [​IMG]
    While Im checking your recommendations could you please comment on these as well ?
    -Klipsch Image S4i
    -Denon AH C560 R
    -Fisher Audio Eterna
    -Head Direc Hifiman RE-ZERO
    -Beyerdynamics DTX-101
    -Rockitsound R30 and R50
  8. TwinQY
    Probably something lean and fast-paced/hard-hitting then. Which would probably lead to the FXD80s.
    S4 - bassy, but can be slow, tonality is quite strident. Detail/performance isn't as up to par as the competition nowadays
    Have not heard the Denons :frowning2:
    Eterna - Very bassy, with some sparkle. Impressive mids, nice and resolving.
    RE-ZERO - have only owned the RE0s (apparently the ZEROs have more bass weight and that's mostly it), but pretty neutral/linear, with some roll-off, a bit of treble emphasis but it's smoothed out, not a peak.
    Have not heard that specific Beyer
    R30 - warm, balanced, good all rounder. Extension and positioning could be better though.
    R50 - Clean, effortless, gobs of detail and clarity. Treble isn't as harsh/prominent as say, the CK10 or the DBA-02/B2 (especially those). Bass is rather light and thin, but not horrible. 
  9. squallkiercosa
    Every one has a different approach to the same question, considering you'll be using them for a daily commute (I assume) I don't think you should spend a lot.

    Get the Klipsch S4i and save some money.
  10. DrSheep
    I second the Klipsch S4i or the X10 in general, but in this case the V-MODA Vibe II might be better as it has a stronger base than the Klipsch.  Plus it has iPhone controls and can be found around $100 now.
  11. Mooses9
    IMO save up some money and buy a better pair of iems at a slightly higher price point. imo it will be worth it
  12. DrSheep
    True but remember that the X10 was originally MSRP at $300, so unless you go to the $400 level for the likes of UE900, SE535, or the W4R, your options are limited.  However, the TF-10 is only around $220 now you might have a point.
  13. Seekky
  14. zael99
    Check out the Atrio m5s from atrio.me. They have great bass and are about $100 after you use the 50% off couple that's been floating around. I can't remember what the coupon code is so do a quick google search.
  15. adamlr

    not very experienced myself, but i will offer my 2cents nonetheless:
    the dtx 101s are not that bassy. if the music your listening to is bass heavy already, they will give it to you, and the extension (as in, how low they can reach) is good, but i didnt find them bassy at all, i thought their bass wasnt at all "impactful" and was always left wanting more. then again, i can get a bit excessive tbh.
    they are very "loud" however. i dont remember their sensitivity, but their impedance is only 12 ohm. driven by my cr*py samsung galaxy ace, i could drive them crazy loud, and had the volume at 50% most of the time.
    i owned these for a good 6 months or so, and used them mostly on short bus rides, but decided to search for something else, with more volume in the lower end and for this reason i got an iem thats not actually on your list: velodyne v-pulse. 99$, right on budget. i have only tested them briefly, but so far their bass is just brilliant to my ears. they are a bit heavy, and i wear them with the cable going up over and behind my ears because otherwise every time the cable hits my coat i get a loud THUD in my ears. they arent as "loud" though (ie, not as sensitive/ higher impedance) and the volume on my phone is usually at around 90 - 95%. again, i haven't owned them for very long, and i only use them on the short bus rides i take, but so far i think they are very good, and would gladly recommend them to you. i too listen to edm (downtempo electronica, dubstep, D&B, glitch, etc.)

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