1. Hope

    XBA-3 vs XBA-4 help!!

    Hi all!!   On a recent trip to the states I was intending on purchasing a set of SE535/Westone 4R's   However Sony offered me a great deal on a set of XBA-4's which I subsequently purchased!   Now these so far sound quite good on my iPhone 4S, not so good on my Retina Macbook.   ...
  2. canzz

    Requirements are clear. Please recommend me an IEM.

    I dont want take lot of time of yours. I will just be clear.    THE IEM MUST - suitable for electronic music - have powerfull bass - loud volume - around 100 bucks   I'D BE SO GLAD IF - has iphone control - below 150   Cheers!
  3. gunnertown

    Need help choosing a IEM , mostly for pop and trance.

    Requirement:   I had an SM E30 which I lost.So I am in need of a new IEM which will be my daily driver.I listen mostly to pop,trance and I would use these during my daily office travel.   My preferences:   I have narrowed down to XBA-3 and Shure SE215 as these are easily available in...
  4. Retrias

    Sony new balanced armatures

    Have any of you guys tried the new sony ba series? How is their sound and fit? Especially the the xba 10 and the xba 20 since i want to try balanced armature iems
  5. Iron-Buddha

    Advice on Next Move: Shure SE425 to Heir XX?

    Hey guys,   Currently using SE425 and XBA-3 with Accudio on my iPhone 5, paired with a RSA Tomahawk.   I like how Accudio fixed some of the muddiness of the SE425 so am currently happy with the sound.   However, all the Heir threads have had me curious about the 4a, 4ai and the new 5.0.   ...
  6. O


    Hi, i wanted to ask what music the following headphones are best for, and also what you think is best   Phonak PFE 112 B and O earset 3i B and W C5 Sony XBA 3
  7. gtcharlie

    Sony XBA 3 vs. Shure 215 limited edition

    Looking for a second pair of iem's to go along with my Shure 215 limited editions.   Given the great sale Best Buy is having on refurbed XBA 3's I am wondering how they compare to the Shure.  While I am very happy with the Shures I would like a different sound on the second pair.  Any...
  8. crazycoward

    Should I get the Sony XBA 2 ($59.99) or XBA 3 (~$100-120)

    Basically I have $100 in sony points that I need to use up.   I'm wondering if I should get 2 pairs of the XBA 2 @ $59.99 each or wait till the XBA3 drops under $120 again (Hopefully sometime this year)   I've tried doing research online but most of the threads I've read were assuming...
  9. Sam Powie

    IEM Recommendation

    Yo new to hi fi, and looking for suggestions regarding what iem to buy. Have been using the Shure Se215, an really liked it, however they broke, and i felt a change was needed.   My budget is around $200, and I primarily listen to various sorts of metal and rock music. Any suggestions would...
  10. akash neagi

    Best way to spend AUD$200?????

    Its simple, whats the best way to use AUD$200????? I own a pair of XBA-3 a pair of XB41ex a pair of xb30ex a pair of Skulcandy Ind'd(just wanted to see how bad these were, I conclude the worst iem on the market) and a s3 to play my music on..... Thanks!!!!
  11. tehsprayer

    Cheapest Place to get BA-200

    The best IEM around seems to be the TDK BA200 and was wondering where is the cheapest place to buy and shipped to Canada (I can ship to Michigan and pick up if needed to avoid duties) This IEM sold by Amazon just upped their price to $170 and the rest around $150 are Japan Imports which I feel...
  12. kevms89

    For those with iPhone's, does no mic iem's bother you?

    Im used to my xba3 mic and am going to a non mic iem, gonna be weird/bit annoying.
  13. dweaver

    Sony MDR EX310 Appreciation Thread - The forgotten IEM

    I was in a local Sony store (Chinook Center in Calgary) and they had the Sony EX310 on sale for $40 so I finally bit on this IEM for use at the gym so i don't accidentally wreck my expensive IEM's. The salesman actually sounded reasonably knowledgeable and he suggested the half price on the...
  14. kevms89

    Messed up jack or cable?

    My Sony xba3's are acting up, when I plug them in my iphone I have to twist the jack around for the sound to be ok and the microphone and buttons work at random, sucks man. Im getting the re400 (no mic ill miss...) so im not too worried but any ideas what the issue could be here? I wanted to...
  15. naveen

    Sony Xperia SP Output Impedance?????? how to find it.

    Hi, I'm planning to buy Sony XBA-3 IEM.   The problem is that I'm going to use them with my SmartPhone (XPERIA SP).   As you all know that XBA-3 has low impedance 12 ohm.   I can't buy XBA-3's until I know about my Xperia SP Output Impedance   I don't know the Output Impedance of my...
  16. drbluenewmexico

    BASSAWARE: A NEW BASS AUGMENTATION DEVICE FOR HEADPHONES that delivers true visceral response...

      BASS AWARE comes ALIVE!  photos from   Here on head-fiers (as we are affectionately known) are always interested in improving our sound quality through upgrades There is resurgence in headphone sales worldwide with many companies putting out new models and new...
  17. Wolvebain

    Suggested IEM for rockboxed Sansa Clip+

    Hi all.   Please suggest some IEM to be used with a rockboxed Sansa Clip+.  Would be using it to listen to the follow music: Guitar Instrumental [Buckethead, Satriani, etc] Classic Rock [Led Zepp, Cream, etc] Prog-Rock [Dream Theater, Tool, etc ] Rap-Core [RATM] Some R&B & Rap [Public...
  18. kevms89

    What does the frequency response in an iem do?

    I notice that the xba3 has a frequency response of 4-28,000hz while the xba30 has 4-25,000. What does this mean? Which is better?
  19. kevms89

    Open dynamic iems.

    Iems like the ex1000 are said to be "open and airy sounding", what does this mean? I will be getting the ex90 (not sure if they are open) soon so that will give me some experience with dynamics as I have only experience with balanced armature. So what is closed vs open and what does an open...
  20. dan668

    Sony XBA3 Problem

    Hi,   Headphones were working fine up until yesterday. Once in the ear they are ok, but if they come out of the ear a bit, when i push the IEM back in, they crackle and make static sounds. Only the right side. I use them a lot while jogging, so thats the reason why they tend not to stay in...
  21. Almazbek

    Vsonic vc1000, EPH-100 or XBA-3/XBA-30.

    Hello everyone. I decided to buy new headphones instead my old monsters pro gold. The bass is too much for me. I like the treble, that havent got the monsters and don't wont bassy headphones. I prefer rock, classic, EDM and some melodic dubstep. I'm listening music from iphone. And which source...
  22. kevms89

    Sony XBA series to cans, would it be a difference?

    I am thinking about the Sony MDR-1R to go along with my xba-3, would it be a major difference in sound?
  23. cymtuzi

    Sennheiser MX985, Sony XBA-3, or Audio Technica ATH-CM70?

    I've gone through a lot of reviews of the 3, here and elsewhere, but never tried them. So I need you guys' opinions.   Here's the story: I use Nokia Lumia 920 and Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Normally I listen country and classic.   Sony XBA-3 is the only model has microphone, so here's the...
  24. ShyamS

    Question Regarding FiiO E6 Portable Headphone Amplifier & Sony XBA H1 earphone

    Hi there!   I'm new to the whole audio systems. I am just learning the facts and the values etc. But I enjoy music very much and always like to listen best quality as possible that I can afford. I used to have Klipsch S4a and used it with my Android device (LG G2). Now I decided to upgrade my...
  25. kevms89

    After using balanced armature for so long, what difference will I notice with a dynamic?   Something like that, what kind of sound difference will I notice compared to my XBA-3? Different sounding bass?   Also should I pay attention to the "13.5mm driver unit" part?