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Messed up jack or cable?

  1. kevms89
    My Sony xba3's are acting up, when I plug them in my iphone I have to twist the jack around for the sound to be ok and the microphone and buttons work at random, sucks man.

    Im getting the re400 (no mic ill miss...) so im not too worried but any ideas what the issue could be here? I wanted to sell them too..
  2. Mooses9
    Sounds like a short at.the plug. Its a easy fix but if you are going with new.iem I would just sell them as is.I
  3. kevms89
    Yea maybe I can get a decent amount here on head fi, how would that fix go? Would I have to take anything apart?
  4. kevms89
    Ok so this is weird, if I use my bros XBA1 on my phone, perfect, no problems.

    I use my XBA3 on 2 others iphones, perfect no problems.

    I try my XBA3 on my phone again, same problem.

    wth is going on?

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