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Sam Powie

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May 14, 2012
Yo new to hi fi, and looking for suggestions regarding what iem to buy. Have been using the Shure Se215, an really liked it, however they broke, and i felt a change was needed.
My budget is around $200, and I primarily listen to various sorts of metal and rock music. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Check over here first:

Personally, I've got some Sony XBA-3s that are killer. Talk about showing me stuff in songs ive had for years that ive never heard. They had a sick refurb deal at best buy that may still be on for these guys.

Also, the Vsonic GR01, 07, or 06 may be worth checking out. They're more of a neutral IEM but they sound great all around. The 07 has a bass edition that may be just what you're looking for based on your musical tastes. Check em out!

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