1. xd1936

    Already own and enjoy Shure SE215s, but have opportunity to scoop up Klipsch X6i for cheap...

    Hey all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I am a budget enthusiast with a few cans, Shure SE215s as my main IEMs, and cheap TFZ Series 1s as cheapo travel IEMs. I'm fairly happy with the sound of all of them. A friend of mine recently purchased a pair of Klipsch X6i Reference earbuds and...
  2. devluxe

    Shure se215 or Hifiman re-400?

    Hi everybody, I need a new pair of iem for about 100 dollars. I read many reviews and I'm interested in these two models: Shure se215 and Hifiman re-400. According to this review ( ) Hifiman re-400 sound better (9/10 vs 7.9/10 of the shure). I found these two...
  3. 23OC23

    Need IEM heaphone recommendation for these needs...

    Looking for a pair of IEMs, will mostly be using them for the gym and walking around.   Price range: $100 - $125 Color ideally black Must have high durability as these may go through some hard times at the gym (cable can't pull/rip easy, ear phones must stay in) Must be bassy but also...
  4. theemgee

    Where is the distortion coming from?

    Hi everyone, After sifting through tons of info on head-fi (thank you) and the rest of the net, I finally purchased my shure SE215's. I'm extremely happy with the buy, except I came across a song where the left earphone distorts with the treble. I then switched the cables, so the left cable...
  5. 21rmpark

    I just lost my Klipsch Image s4's.

    Ok, I am no audiophile but I certainly do like my music experience to be pleasant. Could you guys suggest me some headphones, something that is a step forward from the image s4's.
  6. Kireal

    Shure se215 or klipsch x10i

    Hello i would like to buy new earphones, the last years I have used sony XB40EX they have only the bass.... So best what i found are Shure se215 and x10i for my money. I have Last generation ipod touch, and i am listening to Deep house, Dubstep, chillout, jazz. Which one should i chose?    ...
  7. GOTFrog

    iems with inline mic

    I'm looking to buy iems withvan inline mic, I have a Samsung Note 2, music control is not a must budjet is 150. Those I'm looking at now are Westone TS1 Klipsch s4a ii android Beyerdynamic MMX 101 ei Shure Se215 with inline mic cord I like a well balanced sound no big bass no shrill highs.
  8. rohitshukla123

    New assistance in purchaising in ear phones

    I would like to buy a new pair of ear phones for my android phone. My budget is around 100 pounds, I read a lot of reviews about Beats Mie2, Klipsch Image S4A (II), Shure SE 215 and Etymotic hf2. I have used Beats which I got with my HTC phone but was not satisfied with its performance. I like...
  9. WalnutTarts

    Looking for $80 IEMs sold by Best Buy

    I bought a pair of Sony MDR-EX310s a while ago along with a 2-year product replacement plan. They broke a week or two ago, so I sent them in and got a Best Buy gift card for their value ($80+tax). However, the Sony MDR-EX310s are now discontinued and are not stocked by Best Buy anymore, I'm...
  10. NumLock

    IEM for running Marathons? $100-$200

    Please don't recommend anything under $100 or that I shouldn't run with $200 IEMs. Thanks.  I have been working out with my custom molded TripleFi10s for the past 3 years I think. Love them. But the left one stopped working. Looks like I need to get a new terminal installed. I planned to get...
  11. Dickymint

    IEM's for big ears.

    I have been born with big lugs, they have advantages and dis-advantages. At school there were a burden but as I got older, they became enjoyable, in that I can hear very low frequencies, helicopters miles away, earthquakes a second or so before they hit. you get the idea! Due to having big ears...
  12. Saoshyant

    Sound isolation for trips, either noise or tuning others out...

    I'm looking for some IEMs for keeping out the noise on long trips, either via plane or car.  I'd prefer to keep it at 125 or under.  Musically I listen to alt/rock, and this will also be used to watching videos.  So far, Etymotic HF5 looks nice and quite capable, but of course any suggestions...
  13. georgebuchs

    Ultimate Ears 700 or Yamaha EPH-100 or TDK BA200 or Klipsch Image X10 or Shure SE215 or Shure SE315

    Hi i am looking for a new pair of IEM i had monster turbines but lost them. I use an ipod nano 6th gen with 320kps songs and Fiio E6.I listen to R&B rap hip hop and house dubstep music.So if you had to chose from one of these "Ultimate Ears 700 or Yamaha EPH-100 or TDK BA200 or Klipsch Image X10...
  14. canzz

    Requirements are clear. Please recommend me an IEM.

    I dont want take lot of time of yours. I will just be clear.    THE IEM MUST - suitable for electronic music - have powerfull bass - loud volume - around 100 bucks   I'D BE SO GLAD IF - has iphone control - below 150   Cheers!
  15. pcandyhk

    Need help...[In-ear] Sennheiser MM80??

    Having broken wire with UE700, bad contact with SE215, and lost the s4, (although I was happy with them at different aspects) I am now looking for a new in-ear headphones... I have come across Sennheiser's MM80 IP however I wasn't able to find much review on them, nor i can find the exact...
  16. k923

    t-Jays four style headphone?

    Are there any other headphones that have the same style as the t-Jays?   Angled Nozzle. Other portion of earphone sits in ear and is semi flat. Has iPhone controls.   I really didn't like the short cord on the t-Jays.  I have tried apple earpods and bose triports and they are both...
  17. 3

    Soundmagic E10s or Shure Se215?

    which of the two iem's do you think I should get? reasons?
  18. DKDigitally

    I'm sure you guys get this all the time...

    I'm in the market for a pair of new headphones over, on, or in doesn't make too much of a difference to as long as they sound incredible. The only catch is I'm shooting for an under $70 price range. Care to shoot me some options?
  19. ksz210

    Budget Classical Music IEM

    I have scoured this forum for advice on a good classical music IEM, however the only general consensus is Ety ER4, is the best. But I dont have that much money to swing on a pair of headphones. I have included a list of other headphones people have talking about in the other forums.   I am a...
  20. OSULeprechaun

    Looking for best in ear headphones for under $150

    Ok, so I just joined Head-Fi and I just started getting more into an audiophile.  Anyway,  I'm looking a pair of in-ear headphones for under $150 to replace my Klipsch Image S4i II's which, when I plug them in to any 3.5 mm jack, don't want to touch the left side of the jack so the audio is...
  21. hatebreed

    Alternatives to the Shure se215 for stage monitoring?

    I am a touring drum technician and need some IEMs for live stage performances. I am not playing so i don't need the whole mix only the drums and for people to speak to me through them.   The Shures are in budget and look to do the job but was was wondering if there are any alternatives i...
  22. 23OC23

    What is wrong with my headphones or headphones jack?

    I have an iPhone 5 and ShureSE215s. Few days ago the right ear phone in my se215 stopped working in the gym. I didn't think much of it, was just going to get an exchange. JR (music website that I bought these off from) some reason want me to ship my old pair back before I get a new pair (lol I...
  23. devilmonk

    Has anything emerged better than Shure SE215 in its price range?

    Is Shure SE215 still the leader of ~$100 earbuds? I've been browsing the forums for a while and it seems like they were the best for several years, but they came out in 2011 and its 2015 now. Has any new In-ear surpassed it yet?
  24. bourbonhoova

    Discerning Bass-Head can't decide which sub-$300 closed full-size / IEM 'phones to get.

    hi, yep - it's another fresh new-comer holding out his cap and calling out for some free advice.   I'm trying to decide which headphones will be a really good choice for listening primarily to electronic music, they must be suitable for use outside of the house (so no open-back types) and I...
  25. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...