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IEM's for big ears.

  1. Dickymint
    I have been born with big lugs, they have advantages and dis-advantages. At school there were a burden but as I got older, they became enjoyable, in that I can hear very low frequencies, helicopters miles away, earthquakes a second or so before they hit. you get the idea! Due to having big ears, I usually need to use the biggest seals on any iem's I buy, or get headphones that have big enough cups to fit my ears in, Sennheiser HD598's. So, this is not a slag off but I have been watching this forum for a long time and been reading the reviews from quite a few people but lately those recommendations have fallen very short of what I need. Recently I got a set of Soundmagic PL30 earphones as they are supposed to be good at bass and a great all rounder, well not to me, they have no bass, the mid and treble sound good, just no bass! I got hold of a set of Audiofly AF78's again no bass and no top end either, a set of Shure SE215's are pretty good but again I find the bass lacking a bit, the rest is super clear. A set of Xears XR120 pro's have a decent amount of bass when the right foam tip was used but a bit muddled in the mid and treble, not as clear as the Shures, yet my favorite set of earphones at the moment are my Soundmagic E10's. They lack a bit of treble extension but bass and mid are wonderful, what I am looking for is a set of iem's that can produce the bass of the E10's, the detail and control of the SE215's. My son has a set of "Able Planet" S1210s and the bass is so controlled and extends down sooooo loww! Please help me to stop throwing money away, I need to know what earphones match the sort of thing I am looking for, does anybody have any useful ideas? Help.
  2. ZARIM
    The JVC FXZ100, FXZ200 series IEMs offers deep dynamic punchy bass, clear mids and highs. Others IEMs like UETF10Pro, XBA4 and Westone 3(highly recommended) are also great buy.
  3. Dickymint
    Thanks for that, a bit out of my budget at the moment but something to aspire to!
  4. Ari33
    I found the same with Re-Zeros and a few others...until I got my TF10's.
    UE TF10's are notorious for causing fit issues with people with average/small ears. I have average size ears but my lug holes are quite big allowing a deep enough insertion that they don't fall out and I get a good seal... which is important for bass.
    Don't expect deep bass with balanced armatures though... if thats a requirement stay with Dynamics... Sennheiser IE80?

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