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What is wrong with my headphones or headphones jack?

  1. 23OC23
    I have an iPhone 5 and ShureSE215s. Few days ago the right ear phone in my se215 stopped working in the gym. I didn't think much of it, was just going to get an exchange. JR (music website that I bought these off from) some reason want me to ship my old pair back before I get a new pair (lol I know) which makes no sense to me. Anyways, I decide to test out the se215s again, and they work perfectly fine with my laptop jack. However when I plug it into my iPhone 5 jack, both earphones work but the sound is very muffled and fuzzy. What is wrong? Is it the se215 problem or the iphone 5 jack? If it is the iPhone 5 jack do I need to replace the whole phone again? I had to replace it once already due to the charging jack not working.
  2. 23OC23
    I don't get it I blew into the jack to see if anything came out, nothing. Nothing has been done to the jack. 
  3. DarKen23
    Check sound settings on iphone?
  4. Jaxblack11
    If they worked fine with your laptop then it is probably the iPhone. I personally would contact Apple.

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