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Shure se215 or Hifiman re-400?

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  1. devluxe
    Hi everybody, I need a new pair of iem for about 100 dollars. I read many reviews and I'm interested in these two models: Shure se215 and Hifiman re-400. According to this review ( http://tinyurl.com/multiiemreview ) Hifiman re-400 sound better (9/10 vs 7.9/10 of the shure). I found these two models cost approximately the same (about 110 dollars). I need them for a little bit of studio work (connected to an amp+dac+mac mini) and listening from my phone. Which is the best deal having took everything into account?
  2. devluxe
  3. cmull
    Not sure I can help with a comparison, for I only have the Shure's. I like the sound (for in-ears) but my left channel cuts out occasionally. I have to snap the bud off, and wiggle it back in place. If that doesn't work, I re-bend the wire to put the connection in a new position. Also, don't ever wear these when you sweat. My cable is green inside from corrosion. Not sure with the construction of the Hifiman's, but this area has let me down with the Shure's.
    As for sound, the Shure's are pretty bright and lacking in the low end. That's my opinion. Hope this helps someway.
  4. devluxe
    I read hifiman re400 build quality is worse than shure and shure's cable is detachable so I can change it. I think they can last longer this way. If I break the jack of the hifiman I have to replace the whole earphones. What do you think?
  5. AladdinSane
    SE215 may sound a little thin (I own them) if you like a lot of bass but you can maybe bump EQ on the low end if not to your liking. Otherwise I think the SE215 would be good in the studio as far as sound reproduction, instrument separation and clarity.  Have not heard the HE400 but it has fans!
  6. cmull
    That's a good point, but the joint where the cable and earbuds snap together is my problem. I believe if they were permanently connected, I wouldn't have the problem losing the left channel at all. A new cable might fix my issue, but I don't use them enough to buy one.
  7. Cotnijoe
    to me, the SE215 are really just a muddy mess... i would only recommend them if you really adore huge bass. IF not, i would settle for RE400 and EQ as needed.
  8. Sattelight
    I was debating between the same phones as you and ended up going with the RE-400. I haven't had them long but the build quality seems solid. They are very comfortable and as far as sound goes they exceeded my (high) expectations. They are miles ahead of my vsonic gr02be and brainwavz m5 in sound quality as well as comfort and isolation. And I really liked both of those before getting the RE-400
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  9. feedtheducks
    Since you will be using them in studio, have you considered etymotic hf5,3,2? I just got the hf2 from amazon and man these are really accurate, clear, and detailed. My 2 cents.
  10. AladdinSane
    SE215 and huge bass? Hmmm. I think if you check any SE215 thread (or better, your ears) huge bass is not going to be a defining characteristic. 
  11. Cotnijoe

    There is a very obvious bump in the bass of the 215 and it sound a bit muddy and bloated from it. To me its too much, for others maybe not. Main point is bass is accentuated and messy. Quantity not quality.

    And my ears are fine thank you very much. No need for any kind of remarks like that here
  12. devluxe
    Thanks for the suggestion, however etymotic hf2 and hf3 are a bit out my budget while hf5 seems to be a good deal for the price. I'll buy them if there's nothing better for that price.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Unless you're a fan of bass heavy signatures choose RE-400, I think losing the detachable cable is a small loss compared to the sound you'll get in exchange. RE-400 are much more focused for audiophiles and I truly believe you'll have a much more pleasant experience.
  14. devluxe
    Thanks for the reply. I'm focused on getting the clearest sound possible for this price tag. I'll buy them if no one has any other suggestion :)
  15. xFairyxTailx
    +1 to Etymotic HFx or Hifiman RE-400.
    I've owned all three IEMs and strongly recommend the HFx or RE-400 over the SE215, especially if they're for studio work.
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