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Need IEM heaphone recommendation for these needs...

  1. 23OC23
    Looking for a pair of IEMs, will mostly be using them for the gym and walking around.
    Price range: $100 - $125
    Color ideally black
    Must have high durability as these may go through some hard times at the gym (cable can't pull/rip easy, ear phones must stay in)
    Must be bassy but also have good clarity
    Mostly listen to trance but also rap, electro & prog house, techno.
    Right now I see the Shure SE215, but I am trying to see if there are any other recommendations before I pull the trigger on them.
    The JVC FXD80, Yamaha EPH100, Sony XB90EX, Klipsch Image X10, X5 and UE350 are great sounding IEMs with punchy bass and can use for gym becasue better cable than average and great built quality.
  3. 23OC23
    What about Shure SE215? How are they for trance.
  4. Sylaw
    dude seriously??? ur recommending klipsch x10i and the x5s?? they sound awesome , but they are durability is way behind... he specifically mentioned about the cables...  even I would recommend u a a pair of 215s.. shure cables are monsters, + u can change the cable if it breaks.. rather than a 215 I would suggest u to go for a SE315.. if u could expand ur budget a bit, ull get loads of clarity and bass.. :) 
  5. eastPride

    Since the mids are the main focus of the signature and its extension is not the best in this price range, I'd suggest against the SE215 for the purpose of listening to trance. However, it does have a plentifully impactful low end and a slightly prominent, though shallow, treble range.
    My best suggestion for you would be Atrios MG7; then a second would be JVC FXD80. FXD80 is made better, but the MG7 is pretty durable itself in my experience.

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