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Already own and enjoy Shure SE215s, but have opportunity to scoop up Klipsch X6i for cheap...

  1. xd1936
    Hey all. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I am a budget enthusiast with a few cans, Shure SE215s as my main IEMs, and cheap TFZ Series 1s as cheapo travel IEMs. I'm fairly happy with the sound of all of them. A friend of mine recently purchased a pair of Klipsch X6i Reference earbuds and didn't like them, and I'm interested in making an offer. They seem to have polarizing mixed reviews. How would these sound compared to what I have now? Any thoughts or recommendations?

  2. buonassi
    welcome to head-fi conversation! I'll let you know what I think after I get mine on monday as I'll be making a showcase item and posting a review there (where they should be I think....). Anyway, in the meantime, you can simply search x6i in the main search bar on head-fi and you'll find at least one review buried in the discussion threads. Currently, there are only a few threads containing x6i, so finding some initial impressions and other info shouldn't be hard.

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