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Need help...[In-ear] Sennheiser MM80??

  1. pcandyhk
    Having broken wire with UE700, bad contact with SE215, and lost the s4, (although I was happy with them at different aspects) I am now looking for a new in-ear headphones...
    I have come across Sennheiser's MM80 IP however I wasn't able to find much review on them, nor i can find the exact model on sennheiser's website... anyone here has any comments or suggestions? 
  2. TwinQY
  3. pcandyhk
    Yup I am open to other choices... :wink:
    My preferences would be in-ear, (so presumably good isolation), Price range: <$150...I listen to varies kinds of music, so the range is important. Balance, with medium soundstage.
    I quite like the treble and the details of the UE700 but it was just lacking a tiny bit of bass. Nevertheless I don't like one thats over bassy and too muddy. The X10 is >= then UE700 but I reckon they should put a better cable at that price range. (...refer to the S4 below.)
    The 215 I had is quite all-rounded I would say, but I am worried about the durability of the headphone... (I was told I got the bad patch from shure where the connector is flawed. However I have missed the replacement). The wire is quite big as well...
    The S4 is another one I like, but the plastic cable tube is coming off from the jack just before it got stolen... The headphone itself is a tiny bit too big to me. and it often feel like it is falling out although it didn't really. 
    So I would say I can live with a range of headphones but I am looking for a sub-$150, durable balance comfy headphone. I guess there is not much point spending more at this moment as I usually go out with my iPhone. 
  4. TwinQY
    Durable, comfy, balanced, <$150 - does sound like the A161P, or the BA200s. The cable is decent enough on the former, the latter has flat cables (nice feel to them but might be too large), no bulky memory wire around the ear like the Shures (though still to be worn over-the-ear style though). The TDKs have quite an expansive stage, while the A161Ps are more average-sized. If you want something small though would go with the MEElectronics (also has mic capabilities if that means anything). 
    Something else that would be extremely durable (but not as comfortable as the other two, not to mention a bit over budget) and balanced is the GR07. Just mentioning that one for fairness's sake.
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  5. pcandyhk
    Thanks for your advice! BA200s sounds like something exactly what I want... flat cables and over-the-ear. Hopefully I can get some to try on.
    Anyone know anywhere/any shop in London that have displays of these allowing customers to try?
  6. TwinQY
    Not having lived/visited Europe in... ever (unless you count airports), I have no idea :p

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