1. M

    Filters Shanling m8

    Hi there, I recently bought a Shanling M8, used a M15 before. But still do not know the function of the lowpass filters. does anyone know the effects of these filters? -Sharp Roll-Off -Slow Roll-Off -Short delay Sharp Roll-Off -Short delay Slow Roll-Off -Super Slow Roll-Off -Low Dispersion...
  2. Sennheiser

    Every detail matters: Introducing the all-new IE 900

    Hello Head-Fi! We’re thrilled to announce an all-new earphone for reference-level listening when every detail matters: the IE 900. Made in Germany and milled from a single block of aluminum, each earpiece houses a sophisticated multi-stage acoustic system that pushes our wide band dynamic...
  3. jude

    Sennheiser IE900 Review, Measurements, & Harman Target Talk

    Sennheiser IE900 Review, Measurements, & Harman Target Talk NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. We listen to, look at, and measure Sennheiser's latest flagship IEM, the Sennheiser IE900. However, before we get to the IE900, we discuss the...
  4. Sennheiser

    Livestream: IE 300 Q&A

    Hello Head-Fi, Save the date! We’re hosting a live Q&A session with audiophile product guru Jermo Koehnke this Thursday, May 6th at 10:00am New York Time via YouTube. We will be discussing all-things IE 300, so tune in and join the discussion. Be sure to watch this thread, and on the 6th join...
  5. PurpleFury

    A little help for a beginner :)

    Hello everyone ! I'm a beginner at this and I need a little help with choosing a new pair of Headphones. Since I'm a family man now my loudspeakerdays have taken a turn😀 But I have always loved being able to close off the world around me with a couple of headphones listening to music. So...
  6. Sennheiser

    April 2021 updates

    Hello Head-Fi! We’d like to update the community on the latest from Sennheiser: US customers can save $50 on MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 earphones until 4/25 at HiFi Fridays are here! Check out the first episode of our new video short series here, and feel free to join the...
  7. Sennheiser

    Hi-Fi Friday

    Hello Head-Fi! We’ve started a new video short series to get us into the groove as the week winds down. “Hi-Fi Friday” sits at a more casual intersection of music and gear, and we hope it sparks some input from our friends at Head-Fi. While you may run across it on social media or YouTube, we...
  8. shofilm

    Sennheiser HD 800s EQ setting help - Equalizer APO

    Hello, Can I get some help with EQ for my HD 800s. I'm using APO Equalizer and this is where I'm at right now. I'm open to take suggestions on changing FC, Gain and the Q number. My ultimate goal is make the sound natural and "flat" as possible. Give this a listen and give me your input and...
  9. Aramaki

    Post pics of your TWS setup.

  10. MoonAudio

    In-Stock: NEW Sennheiser IE300 Earphones

    Sennheiser IE 300 Earphones $299.95 USD Order Now: The IE 300 is an innovative high-fidelity earphone, purpose-built for today’s audio enthusiast that listens with an evolving...
  11. jude

    What's Up With Sennheiser? I Asked The Sennheisers.

    Last week I had a quick video call with Andreas and Daniel Sennheiser -- Co-CEO's of Sennheiser -- to find out what's going on with the company after they made an announcement last week about the realignment of their businesses. I'll start by saying I definitely felt better about Sennheiser's...
  12. Audio46

    Last Chance to Save BIG on Sennheiser

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Sennheiser These big of Sennheiser savings at Audio46 will only last until the end of Sun, Feb 21st. SHOP>
  13. Sennheiser

    New at Drop: Sennheiser HD 8XX

    Hello Head-Fi! We’re excited to announce a new Drop collaboration: the HD 8XX. This open-back audiophile headphone offers the same outstanding performance that made the original HD 800S the standard in high-end headphones: 56mm Ring Radiator transducers, carefully tuned Helmholtz resonators for...
  14. O

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro (250 ohm) vs Sennheiser hd 560s

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro (250 ohm) vs Sennheiser HD 560s Which headphone is better for listening to music, mostly instrumental rock for artists like Guthrie, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Plini etc ? A comparison would really help me decide which one to buy. I require this only for listening to...
  15. Sennheiser

    February Sennheiser Specials - Wireless Home Entertainment

    Hello Head-Fi, February brings the US its coldest temperatures yet some of the hottest entertainment. The weather is an easy justification for devouring new release after new release (both film and music) late into the night, and sports are in full-tilt, too. Our latest specials make this last...
  16. cscottrun4it

    Sennheiser HD-425 Thoughts

    Hey all, First-time caller. Long-time listener. Would love some thoughts and help with the HD-425s. THE STORY: My wife bought a pair of new-in-box Sennheiser HD-425s for my birthday, out of self interest, I suspect. She's tired of my audio at 10:30 PM, apparently. Little does she know what 600...
  17. cscottrun4it

    Advise on Sennheiser HD-425s

    Hey all, First-time caller. Long-time listener. Would love some thoughts and help with the HD-425s. THE STORY: My wife bought a pair of new-in-box Sennheiser HD-425s for my birthday, out of self interest, I suspect. She's tired of my audio at 10:30 PM, apparently. Little does she know what 600...
  18. Sennheiser

    Last Chance on January Deals

    Hello Head-Fi, If you missed out on our Holiday Specials, there’s a few days left to score big savings on these mobile-friendly Bluetooth styles. These offers are only valid for a few more days, expiring on January 24th, 2021. Full-size - save up to $150 PXC 550-II (regularly $349.95)...
  19. MoonAudio

    Sennheiser HD560S headphones - More Stock Just Arrived 1/14/21

    Sennheiser HD 560S Headphones $199.95 USD More Stock Just Arrived Order the New Sennheiser HD 560S headphones. With linear acoustics tailored to extended listening sessions and smooth, gratifying bass performance, the HD 560S was...
  20. Sennheiser

    The new IE 300: Big and detailed sound, everywhere.

    Hello Head-Fi! It’s a great time to be an audiophile, with countless options for playing high-fidelity tracks away from your main rig. These days, however, your main rig might be your portable setup, too. To further your quest for detailed sound everywhere, today we’re announcing an addition to...
  21. jude

    Sennheiser IE300 Review & Measurements

    Sennheiser IE300 Review & Measurements NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. Sennheiser's latest audiophile IEM -- the Sennheiser IE 300 -- is a very strong performer at a reasonable price. With a new and very interesting, innovative acoustic...
  22. shysteve40

    Need help on Sennheiser HD820 headphones replacement cable.

    Hi, Guys Steve here from New York. I have the Sennheiser HD820 headphones. I am using them with this, headphone amplifier. Sony Premium Hybrid Headphone amplifier TA-ZH1ES. The HD-820 stock cable broke the other day. so I ordered a good replacement cable XLR Silver Dragon Premium Cable for...
  23. L

    Headphone quality drivers?

    Since my Sennheiser HD280PRO had the right driver voice coil snapped right at the edge of the membrane, I must find another one for substitution. I can't find this exact model for my headphone on the internet, so I contacted Sennheiser to know if they have in stock. I could also buy a new set...
  24. fgf6fqj

    660s over 6xx - is it worth the upgrade?

    Hi All, I currently own a pair of 6xx (which I truly love) and thinking of upgrading to 660s. Any inputs if it’s a worthwhile upgrade as far as sound quality and listening experience is concerned?
  25. M

    Best open back without amplification under $300 recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations for the best sounding open back headphones I can plug into my laptop or phone to use while working from home. I mainly listen to jazz, classical and some classic rock. I can spend up to $300. Thanks.