1. nutties3

    universals similar to UE 700's

    Hi Guys   I just wanted to get your help and recommendations on some new iems that are similar to the UE 700's. I have had 3 pairs of 700's over the last 18 months as I worked at a company that supplied Logitech gear so I was able to get them at a discounted rate. I no longer work for the...
  2. lerio

    Strange impression my first Balanced Armature IEM (UE700)

    Hi, after give up with PureSound ClarityOne (too much high for me..) i just buy UE700, but i don't know if it's because they are the first Balanced Armature i test or what but i feel i don't have enough bass, i ear them bu tnot enough and don't feel then enough.did .you experimented same feeling...
  3. NumLock

    IEM for running Marathons? $100-$200

    Please don't recommend anything under $100 or that I shouldn't run with $200 IEMs. Thanks.  I have been working out with my custom molded TripleFi10s for the past 3 years I think. Love them. But the left one stopped working. Looks like I need to get a new terminal installed. I planned to get...
  4. georgebuchs

    Ultimate Ears 700 or Yamaha EPH-100 or TDK BA200 or Klipsch Image X10 or Shure SE215 or Shure SE315

    Hi i am looking for a new pair of IEM i had monster turbines but lost them. I use an ipod nano 6th gen with 320kps songs and Fiio E6.I listen to R&B rap hip hop and house dubstep music.So if you had to chose from one of these "Ultimate Ears 700 or Yamaha EPH-100 or TDK BA200 or Klipsch Image X10...
  5. pcandyhk

    Need help...[In-ear] Sennheiser MM80??

    Having broken wire with UE700, bad contact with SE215, and lost the s4, (although I was happy with them at different aspects) I am now looking for a new in-ear headphones... I have come across Sennheiser's MM80 IP however I wasn't able to find much review on them, nor i can find the exact...
  6. aumortis

    UE 700 vs Fischer Tandem

    Hi Guys [and Gals too!],   I have an opportunity to buy headphones, on the one side is Ultimate Ears 700, on the other - Fischer Audio Tandem. I already know that FAT is dual driver dynamic and UE 700 is dual driver armature. Which means they are a bit different league. There is also price...
  7. MisterDeadeye

    UE700s broke, looking for an upgrade

    The right driver is cutting in and out, so I need a new pair of earphones. I enjoyed the sound signature, I just want something a little better.
  8. low-fi

    Physically off-center driver on brand new UE700's

    Just bought a pair of Logitech Ultimate Ears 700 and you can see the left driver is misaligned in its case. The right one is centered perfectly, but the left one is somewhat hidden under the casing.   Would that affect sound quality in any perceivable amount? Haven't had a chance to really...
  9. mustapusta

    Need advice for new purchase.

    I have been using the UE700 for the past year, but the wires are now worn out and sound is no longer working on the left, so i felt it's time to get a new one. Im looking for one where i can use on my Note 2 and at home on my computer with onboard sound. budget wise i'm at about $200 usd or...
  10. TrevTrevSharpie

    Bassiest IEM

    I've been looking around for a while for some iems but can't find what I'm looking for. Basically I'm looking for REALLY BASSY IeMs for $200 tops. Over the past few years i have been disappointed by the pairs of Ultimate Ear UE 700 and Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 80 headphones. When i read reviews on...
  11. schneller

    Shoutout: Next time you visit the Chicago O'Hare/ORD Airport...

    Be sure to pay a visit to Javier and Rob working at Inmotion Entertainment near gate B9.   They have a great selection of IEMs and cans, pretty much all of which have demo models for trying out. Javier and Rob were both extremely helpful in helping me audition several phones. They are truly...
  12. james444

    [REVIEW/TOUR] Somic MH412 + Viper4Android. The "Put Up or Shut Up" Review and Tour.

    Tagline       Introduction   Legend has it, that Joe Zawinul, leader of the successful jazz band Weather Report, once saw himself confronted with a strange looking young guy... and the following dialog ensued: "Guy: Mr. Zawinul, I was at the concert tonight, been following your music...
  13. kamikaze2112

    recable or replace UE700?

    Have a set of UE700s that i absolutely love.  the wire is starting to pull apart and Logitech wouldn't replace them with anything other than the UE600, which I didn't believe was a good substitute.  Their other offer was to give me back my purchase price, but since I got these at a wicked price...
  14. Superbunny

    Recommendation for a bass heavy earphone that does not need to be inserted into the ear canal.

    Looking for a bass heavy earphone that does not need to be inserted into the ear canal. I am not comfortable with deep insertion and I’m also looking for something that could be easily removed and put on the ear, which is definitely not the case with foam tips.   What I have tried so far...
  15. jiggo

    UE 700 - Comply Foams don't fit?

    Hi,   few days ago I've bought the UE700. Is it normal that the tips, in this case comply foams, stick out that much? I cant push them further and this looks quite strange to me.   Here is one photo: http://www.hifi-forum.de/bild/img20130212180951_269043.html
  16. pigmode

    Recommend me an amp/DAC/source for DBA 02 MKII and UE 700

    I'm finally going portable. Will soon be ordering a Mission Workshop Fitzrroy (b-i-i-i-g backpack), so weight/space is a premium (more or less). Price point? Not sure, but want something that matches my IEMs. Will be using Apple lossy files. P.S. Can you direct me to Jude's earlier TV videos...
  17. Boosh96

    Audiophile buds?

    Now I'm thinking I should purchase a pair of audiophile earphones for on-the-go listening, possibly in addition to a pair of cans. I'm looking for audiophile buds that cost $150 or less, have good noise isolation, and are good for listening to classic rock. Any suggestions would be great!
  18. letsgododgers

    Shure se215 vs Vsonic gr07 vs Ultimate Ears tf10/700 vs other?! Best earbud in $99-$200 range?! Help

    Trying to decide on the best pair of earbuds in the $99-$199 range (tentatively) I currently own the Klipsch S4i rugged and I love them however I would like to take it up a notch or two and really "feel the music" (I listen to a WIDE ranch of music primarily rock,alt rock, classic rock, hit...
  19. Hair Metal

    Cheap Hard Rock/ Hair Metal IEMs

    I was looking for the best IEM for Hard Rock and Hair metal for ~$50. Im looking for something with not to much bass, large focus on mids and crunchy highs. 
  20. Gunmetal

    IEM under $150 for Alternative Rock

    Hey Guys  Im no audiophile but ive been experimenting with a few mid-fi iems under 120$ but somehow i couldnt find the right sound signature  Ive searched around here on head-fi but most of the options mentioned here are really expensive for the genre i listen to  I listen to alternative rock...
  21. luisdent

    Multi-IEM comparison: Vsonic GR07, Ultimate Ears UE700, TDK BA200, Etymotic Research HF5 and Audeo PFE 112

    This thread is basically a list of songs from a variety of genres that I have listened to with comments on my observations of the sound properties of each.  I have listened to each song from beginning to end and also compared small sections of interest to get a full engrossing feel for each song...
  22. Zankes

    Looking for first pair of IEMs

    I am looking for first pair of IEMS, any recommendations? I don't know anything about IEMS, so I need some serious advices...   I currently have Ultrasone pro 900 and I love them and I listen to jpop/electro pop.     My budget is about 100 usd or something, because I won't use iems so...
  23. TrevTrevSharpie

    Good BASSY Headphones?

    Ok so I've been kind of researching and trying some headphones that were considered bassy. I've tried the Ultimate Ears UE 700 and the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80. Again, after researching, people said they were both bassy. I honestly couldn't find the bass at all. I think it is because I'm...
  24. nighthart

    UE700, SE425. Which one is better?

    Hi everyone.   I am currently using a set of Logitech UE 700s and have been wondering how they compare to the Shure SE425.
  25. mindstormer

    Best IEM for under $100?

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding the best IEM I can get for under $100. I know this question is very broad and I need to be more specific, but to be honest, I don't have any knowledge/experience with good IEM. My previous IEM was a Sennheiser CX 500 and at the time of purchase ~4 years ago, it...